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need help with vrook


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Use force powers like Force Storm and Force Wave. As he is healing himself you should use grenades from a distance and heal yourself of any damge done.

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i made the mistake of making dantooine my first planet as a darksider once. vrook is pretty badass (especially with the USM lightsaber mod!). I found he could take more than half my life with a single swing of his saber. So... i was kinda sneaky and kept running behind the plant boxes at the back of the room. If you do it right he doesn't follow so you can heal up and med a little forcepower back. Run out and strike him with force plague, force lightning, swing a time or two, if he doesn't die but hits you, duck bahind the plants again and heal up.

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Do you have a high healing skill?


If so, use life support packs instead of master heal. It heals you much faster. Use a special attack on vrook (critical strike, flurry strike, power attack) and use life support packs to heal you. He should fall fairly easily.

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The first time I met Vrook in battle was the simpliest, with Dantooine as the first planet too. I wore an heavy armor with energy immune defense boosting upgrades, a double-bladed lightsaber with the best upgrades T3 could make, a stun-immunity item, and being armor restricted I focused my powers on energy resistance, heal, and scream. That more than anything did the trick. Other times, with robes, I was sure to have Kreia make some good stims, and get at least Improved Toughness.

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Kreia can make stims? Never knew that.


For me, I try to shrug Vrook off, getting him off my sight and having him rest and not combat. Then I begin laying lots of mines using my delomoation skills. After that, I then get Vrook to attack me again and RUN over the mines (you cannot trigger them, as you made them). Vrook will rush you, and trigger the Mines, which cause him to explode, and then die.


After you kill Vrook and you see the cutscene, you can then go and recover your mines so that you can use them again later on.


Same tactic can be used against the Atton vs. Twin Suns fight as well.

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What your class? If you are darksider and joined the mercs collect the mines and place them all on the same place and make him run after you. ANd if you are a marauder it should be pretty easy same with a Sith Lord. Assassin......tough luuck. Use master flurry with Makashi if marauder. if lord then just plaque and storm/lighting ne really quick

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I once was in this spot. And I was using USM! He was tough! I left the planet can cameback and he was still tough after some leveling! I had a cousler that just could not stand up to a lightsaber fight. I also had a Hard core mod!!! So I mined the floor, all the mines on the same spot. But I could only put 12 down and he healed up and resisted my attacks. Then I put 12 down, left the map, came back and put 12 more down, 24 Deadly Mines! That did it! After that the rest were not so bad, I lvled enough and what not. The key to the rest (and Vrook) was to keep them at a distance. (stun effects and adhesive grenades)


Good luck :(

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