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JE PC Interview


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I doubt the port took all that long 'cause this is a true sport. It's not like they were working on the PC version at the same time as the xbox version or right afterwards. If rumours are to believed, BIO had a 1 year 'exclsuvie' contract with MS for JE on xbox before they even had an option to make it for PC... Which would mean the work on the PC version just started earlier this year so the port if it comes in January 2007 took less than a year... with an outside comapny doing most of the work and some BIOers overseeing it /helping...





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But... he speciifcally said Christmas....



Anyways, read the article! If true, it will rock for those who buy it when it comes out!

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Nothing about the interface?

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The graphics do look great, he's not lying about that. But it's sad when the greatest addition to a game would be subtractions: remove the god-awful jumping combat, the shoot'em up mini-game and the ridiculously unbalanced jade golem (if that was its name).


It wouldn't hurt to open up the maps a bit and make the entire thing less linear, but that will never happen. It would be a whole new game.

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Awesome stuff from new enemies like Mr. Rhino, gameplay controls, anew difficulty setting, and JE2 teaser non answer!




Great news, thanks for sharing. :cool:

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