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Should I try this DnD game?


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I've been reading up on this DnD RTS, Dragonshard. The average review score seems to be 80%, which isn't bad. http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/922155.asp I've seen it for a decent price recently. Should I get it? How in-tune with DnD is it? How's the roleplaying elements integrated with the RTS gameplay? Until NWN2 comes out, I'm looking into getting some DnD gaming going on :cool:


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I always thought the title was rather silly. "Dragon Shard" or "Dragons Hard"?

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Basically, yes. The only thing that DDO had of Eberron were the Warforge and location names. Beyond that it was just vanilla DnD, which it didn't even get that right, with the Eberron label to sound cool. It was pretty damn pathetic.


From what I have heard of Dragonshard it is closer to the setting style in terms of player races, technology, and themes.

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You are derailing the thread, not me, Lare.  This thread is not about FOPOS.


No but he has a point. Dragonshard is a lot closer to being an RTS then an RPG. I remember playing the demo and finding I couldn't complete it because it couldn't seem to hold my interest long enough.


It has nothing to do with FOPOS. Discuss Dragonshard. Sheesh. :rolleyes:

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