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Far Cry on Realistic

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Haha I noticed.


Figured I'd be all "hardcore."


Turns out I just die. I make it to the carrier, but usually by that time I'm ripped to shreds with low health (after dying about 10 times anyways). Maybe I'll be a bit more modest with my skills :)

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I see, a Far Cry thread. I never got the chance to actually play that game, only a demo, and that is over a year ago.


Since it's pretty cheap now, I consider to grab it at some point, but before that I've some questions to the owners:


Does it offer decent variety? (leveldesign, enemies, mood). Dou you only shoot mercenaries or are there some kinda abominations as well?

Is it more comparable with intelligent FPS like NOLF2 or HL2, or is it just a dumb trigger-fest like Doom/Quake?

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Yeah, there is pretty decent variety for the levels, but it's mostly jungles and make no mistake those are the funnerest. There are abominations as well, very B-TV-ish too. Somewhere inbetween the NOLFs and Dooms. It can be tactical or run and gun depending on how you play it. Me, I was a little coward and I always tried to be as sneaky and stealthy and take out as many enemies from as far away as I could. I generally play games this way, it works well.



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I ****en love and hate the save point system.


On the other hand it keeps the game challenging and gives a healthy dose of fear of death. Both are in great need nowadays. But on the other fairly major ahnd it's damned annoying to try the same part 20 times in a row and die everytime for some stupid reason, like a merc shooting a barrel or you getting hit by a car. Not to mention, with my reflexes miss a mutant=instadeath.

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It has made me the man I am today. A man who craves furry hentai.

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No easily available local copy?


I picked mine up for $20.  Though I got sidetracked with Space Rangers 2 and Sin Emergence :)


I'm about 2 hours drive away from the nearest video game shop unfortunately. :-


I'm only ordering second hand because I'm feeling cheap, there are plenty of first hand copies available.

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