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Overlord - Action RPG on Xbox 360


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from OXM June 2006



Platform: Xbox 360

Publisher: Codemasters

Developers: Triumph Studios ("Age of Wonders" fame)

Release Date: 2007


Who wants to waste hours leveling up in the early parts of an RPG killing rats and selling junk, all in the hope of one day becoming an all-powerful being with cool weapons? Codemasters' new action/RPG Overlords turns the "good guy" cliche on its head by letting you bust out of the castle from the get-go as a dark and evil semi-spirit who's been raised from the dead. Your job? To combat the forces of peace and goodness with your army of gargoyle-like minions. You can play it as a bad guy... or and exteremely bad guy. Like Donald Trump.


The plot that plays out as background to Overload's opening works like an extended postscript to a lot of other fantasy adventures. Eons ago, seven brave warriors defeated you, the dark Overlord, whose tyranny toward the people and lands wasn't missed after you were slain. Following your death, the seven heroes divided the land, but they soon fell into the traps of leadership, each becoming what they had originally fought against - dictators in their own sub-divided kingdoms. Now the peasants want you back (common folks are so fickle), and you're ready and willing to kick some armored ass.


Overlord plays and controls like plenty of third-person action-adventures you've handled before, but with one big gameplay addition: your army of evil minion. They'll follow you around and carry out your vile orders - pillaging, destroying, scaring little children - using their own A.I., which will upgrade itself with different weapons and defenses...

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****ing 360. :)

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Im a sceptic.. Fable sounded interesting when they announced it but we all know how that turned out :thumbsup:"




console RPG si teh badness.

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I thought it sounded interesting for an Action RPG. I mean, it sure does sound different. But why Xbox 360 only?

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