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News [security]

Monday 3rd April 2006


BBC used as lure for unpatched IE exploit 10:25AM

Snippets of BBC news stories are being used to lure Internet users into installing a damaging Trojan on their computer it has emerged. Emails containing the 'news' stories end with an invitation to 'read more', which takes the reader to a malicious website and installs software to monitor their visits to banking websites and other financial institutions.

The keylogger Trojan exploits the unpatched 'Create TextRange' flaw in Internet Explorer which has been rated as 'highly critical' by security firm Secunia.

People who receive the spam emails purporting to be BBC news are warned not to follow the links. 'We have had people creating spoof pages of our site before,' commented Steve Herrmann, editor of the BBC News website. 'But using them in this way to attack people's online security is particularly troubling to us and a cause for serious concern.'

Microsoft has announced that it plans to patch the vulnerability in the next security update due on 11 April. However, with all versions of Internet Explorer from Windows 2000 onwards - including the latest Internet Explorer 7 beta - vulnerable to the exploit, cyber criminals are clearly rushing to make hay while the security gap remains open.





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So that "reference" link will install a trojan on my computer? :D :ph34r:

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On that note, stop spamming my inbox with **** enlargement mails Sur. :x


Oh c'mon, 'bleep' out the P word? ;)

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It appears that I have not yet found a sig to replace the one about me not being banned... interesting.

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This reminds me of 'world news weekly' or what ever it was called,

Where some people used the exact BBC lay out

and made up completely unbleavable storys.


BBC is in my opinion the best place for news on the net,

when its not being messed about with.

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Not too long ago there was also a prank to get MSN-adresses/passwords etc. by using a BBC article.


Stupid people didn't notice the date (2001) though nor that the screens with the article showed a severly older MSN version quite different from the current ;)




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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