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FPS News - Red Orchestra: Ostfront


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The winner of the 'Make Something Unreal' 1-million buck mod contest, Red Orchestra, is now being made into a full retail game, using the Unreal 2.5 engine. Instead of being just another FPS, this game is focused on realism, based on the Russian front of WW2, a side that's not often the main focus in games.


I've been itching for a realistic FPS, and have been holding out for Armed Assault, but after reading this interview http://www.gameinformer.com/News/Story/200....1901.19923.htm this game now seems very tempting. I'll probably wait out for the demo first, though.


The game is available for preload on Steam (http://www.steampowered.com), and can be preordered. Digital pricing is around 25$, with 10% off if you preorder. The demo will probably be after the game is released in March. Tripwire (the dev team) also has a deal to have the game appear in retail.


I definitely recommend reading that interview.


Official site: http://www.redorchestragame.com --> this also includes a trailer. Watch it and judge for yourself.


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Wow! Also interested. I'll be downloading the demo the instant it's available.

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Q: I got no crosshairs, how am i supposed to hit anything ???

A: Red Orchestra - Ostfront doesn't feature Crosshairs, you are supposed to aim using Ironsights (aiming over the actual Weapon Sights). There is a Key bound to this function, press it and aim. The Weapon will start to sway over time, but this will still be more accurate then firing from the default position (called Hip shooting). Just note that you move very slowly while aiming with Ironsights (IS is the Abreavation), or not at all while prone.


Q: Where do i turn on the Ammo Counter ?

A: There is no Ammo Counter, you only get a display of the total amount of Magazines/Ammo Strips left. If you reload while still having Bullets in that Magazine, this Magazine will be put at the end of your Magazines and not "magically" combine with another half empty Magazine. But when you reload you are told whether the new clip is "heavy" (over half full Magazine), "light" (Magazine with less then 50% Bullets left) and "very light" (nearly empty Magazine).


Q: Will there be weapon bob?

A: Yes the Weapon sways in all Directions while walking, AND the Weapon shoots excatly where its barrel points, no random Cone but real calculations. The Weapon also begins to sway when one is using Ironsights for a longer time, though it sways a lot less then while walking.


Q: How large are the Maps? Is a Tankbattle possible at a Range of 2000 meters ?

A: There are different Archetypes of Maps, Infantry only, Combined Arms (Infantry and Tanks) and "pure" Tank Maps (main Focus on Tanks, with Infantry Support). It is reasonable to assume that the last Type will be the largest Map Type, with Ranges of far excess of 2.000 Meters. From what can be seen from the latest Screenshots (update on T34 76 aka T34 M41) Tank Battles on 2.000 Meters are possible.



Q: How does damage on vehicles work ?

A: Damage is calculated in a most realistic Way, the Bullet Calibre, Speed, Impact Angle and Armor Thickness are taken into Account, furthermore the Tank has realistic To-Hit Zones, so Engine, Ammo etc. are all in the same spots where they were in the historic Tanks. It is a well known (and historically accurate Tactic) to turn your own Tank 20


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Trailer (64MB .wmv)


Looks very well done: destructive landscapes and tanks, authentic weapons, realistic wounds, etc. But is there a market for defending Mother Russia from the Nazis? (Oh, them again!)





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