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How do you convince carths son to leave the sith

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I think, after Carth mentions his dead wife and such, that you have to take Carth with you off the ship at your next (or whenever) stop, and some guy talks about Dustil being alive. After that, Dustil will be on Korriban.


Yah, I'm pretty sure you can use Security on the door, or have a party member with a high enough Security do it for you. Or, you can tell Uthar that Yuthura wants him dead, and he'll give you some poison to slip her. Then, if you tell her about your double-cross, she'll tell you to double-double-cross him, and gives you the key to his room (and tells you to put the poison on his bed).


Datapad inside, plus a neat heavy armor sith mask. :ermm:

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Full solution (if you wish to do female romance)


Keep talking to Carth, after every level up on Taris. And after every star map. After every star map, return to Dantooine with Carth. You'll meet one of his friends and you will be on your way to Korriban.


On Korriban, take Carth (naturally) and when you go through the quarters on Korriban, you'll meet his son. You'll have to prove to him that the sith are the bad guys. If you can't hack the door on Uthars room then go to Yuthura and she'll tell you her plan to kill Uthar. Now, go to Uthar and tell him. Go back to Yuthura and tell her that Uthar has some how found out. She'll give you the key and you can break in Uthars quarters. In the footlocker, you should find a database. Go back to Dustil and that should be it. :cool:


WARNING: If you do not complete the quest after meeting Carths friend, you cannot proceed in the romance.


If your male, it won't matter when you find the friend, just make sure its before the Leviathon. :thumbsup:

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Yep. I reloaded and tried again and it was fine. Carth blamed me for Dustil getting killed. Haha ... Someone mentioned earlier in this thread that you can encourage Dustil. I can't seem to find the option. Is it a gender specific option?


EDIT- Now I can't seem to find the post. WTF is going on!? I know I saw it.

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Galaxy Droid? Now that sounds like something I missed. What is that about?

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Its a glitch that the creators put in so that they could easily jump from one place to another with ease. Of cource, you can't get out of it. PC versions, I don't think, have it. I know Xbox can definitly get it though by going to Dantooine before being abducted by the Leviathon. Or by not having Jolee and having HK (and you say "but I found you first!" when he says that his homing beacon was activated.)

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