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Hey everybody, I'm back!


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Well my plans to become a normal Infantryman changed during OSUT. I scored high enough on my PT to get offered a Special Forces contract or a Ranger contract, so I took Ranger. So I start airborne school on monday, and then I go to RIP sometime in January. Should be fun :cool:


Infantryman in the U.S. Army. Currently training to be a Ranger at Ft. Benning Georgia.


Wow (w00t) ....congrats 11XHooah!!! Ft. Benning Georgia you say, then I wish you warm feet up on those cold mountains :D ( if that is the Mountain Ranger camp?)


Also, I wish you all the luck during your indoctrination program, anyways are you already part of the 5th Ranger Training batallion?


Thanks :) Right now I'm waiting on airborne school, and then when I come back after christmas exodus I'll get assigned to a RIP class. The only thing that sucks is that I have to do airborne and RIP during winter. I'm going to have some real cold jumps :D



So you're going to the Airborne School at the 507 first....just don't slip up on the 250' tower. :D

Also good luck with your live jumps, I hope you pass all 5 successfully :)


P.S. Doing RIP in the Mountain Ranger Camp (if you're conducting them there) is a bitch, especially given the fact you're doing it in winter - if it snows remember dry socks are worth gold :p

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Nice.  :thumbsup:  Is that you in the photo?

:D Yep.

High, soft leather boots------------------$600.00

Leather bracers-----------------------------$50.00


Leather and fabric medieval shirt--------$80.00


Stupidly posting your pic on the internet to be made fun of-------Priceless! :lol:

I thought it was the HoffMei




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I can understand your choice of avatar now, I think... I'm just a bit curious about the moustache, do you work in a circus or is it fake? :D


Some people have an itch in the crotch I have one in the face as well...full beard, but if I had eyes in the back of my neck I'd still have fringe. (w00t)

(Signatures: disabled) 

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I'm quite the arms happy young man myself, but I don't think that they are 'great'. I most certainly don't believe in war being the answer. I think they look cool, and I don't mind being around them, knowing stuff about em is just a minor hobby to me. Personally I would never kill anyone, nor would I go to war for corrupt administrations and its sinister plans.  :lol:"


That last sentence caught my attention. I hope you're not heading in the direction that I think you're heading. :thumbsup: :D

liberal democrats...............'sigh' <_<

If money is the root of all evil.....why is the world not destroyed?

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Facial hair is evil!! It just keeps coming back!




*curses stubble*

Agreed........... :thumbsup:

I like the scruffy look that i have personally. Shaving with a razor with sensitive skin is the worste for me. I like to just get a trimmer and be done in one minute. :cool:

Always outnumbered, never out gunned!

Unreal Tournament 2004 Handle:Enlight_2.0

Myspace Website!

My rig

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