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ur favourite aspect of kotor games?

Fav. Aspects of Kotor Games?  

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  1. 1. Fav. Aspects of Kotor Games?

    • 1>Romance - or development of relationships
    • 2>The lust for lightsaber duels or a blaster shoot-out
    • 3>Customizing ur Jedi/their align. and story
    • 4>just love the Star Warz Universe
    • 5>You Saw Bastilla on the front cover of the first one and fell in love?:wub:
    • 6>You dont like Kotor & regreted wasting ur money on it

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immersion in the Star Wars world... No mention of midiclorians

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Option 3.  The story and creating your custom character.  Options 1, 2 and 4 add little bits of flavor that I also like, but 3 is the big one.


The Bastila on the box doesn't make much difference, since she looks nothing like the Bastila in the game.

The problem with art and tha character models in the game. Atris looked fine as art work but she is not so hot looking in the game. But Bastila is an exception to that. :blink:


Plus she has a wonderful voice.

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I liked the saber battles. I usualy kept my character weak to make them more intersting. I liked the really long battles where you had to go through half you supply of med packs to just make it through alive.

(Marine Axiom)

Sweat Dries

Blood Clots

Bones Heal


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As much as I liked the general story and all the jazz, I'm going to have to say the saber battles. Since I hadn't played Kotor1 before Kotor2 - or any other SW game - the snazzy saber sounds and lightshows coupled w/my favorite NPC's, were great...I couldn't get enough for quite a while.

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I "compared" it to JA since in some ways you play the game running out in 3rd person just like it.


I hate RPGs in general (all cos of Final Fantasy all those years ago) but I decided to try KotOR cos I thought it'd be nice having a very flexible story and running around as a Jedi in a city type thing rather than always shoot-to-kill in JA.


Anyway, yeh, voted (3) for the story and the Bastila :rolleyes: romance would've been the alternate vote (I considered romance just as part of the extensive story options).


Stuff like fighting I still prefer to do in JA.


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