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Resurrection Of Evil


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Hey all,


I have been playing Doom3 for a while now and was considering buying the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack too, but im not sure if it is any good, as i have heard good and bad things about it.


So anybody who has played it and/or owned it can you give your opinion on it, and if it lived up to Doom3 to persuade/dissuade me :p.


P.S. I know it has been out for a while but have been waiting for it to drop in price and considering buying it at all. :)

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The review was about 75%, after the original received a standing ovation and 96%.


It's just more of the same, so if you played and liked the original, you already know what you're getting. (Plus a nerfed gravity gun, of course.)




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As I recall I don't remember a map in Doom 3 that didn't have the FRIGGIN IMPS IN IT!!


So yeah, RoE has the double barrel shotgun it has a sweet reloading animation as well and plus the artifact is pretty sweet too, it's really fun dodging those vuklars before they lunge at you.

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eh... you can grab the lost souls and the spider head demons with the gravity gun. use them to kill your opponenets, and I really don't think the artifact is very good because all it does is give you Max Payne BulletTime in a different style. It can be useful but the soul cube was better. Oh and you don't get a BFG.

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Thanks for the opinions all, i think at the moment im probably going to buy it, since i liked the first one so much, although its disappointing theres no BFG :)

Also the grav gun and artifact do sound pretty cool, but i can imagine the grav gun never living up to HL2's grav gun.


Now, to wait for next payday ;)

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