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Mission ~ One of my favorite characters, believe it or not. She's spunky, as she demonstrates in the initial cantina cutscene, and remember it was her who tried to save Zaalbar when they first met. Whereas the Carth's and Juhani's whine all day about their misery, Mission comes off as the strongest character mentally, hurt by the Taris bombing but refusing to let it bother her for the quest. Through it all, she's still just a kid growing up, as evidenced by her idealistic portrayal of Griff until she finally sees him again. Whether it's because she's a kid, or because she's so sure of herself, she isn't at all phased by the revelation that you're Revan. The only flaw is she doesn't have much to say after the Griff thing. I would love to see a grown-up mission in K3.


Unfortunately, you have to kill her in Kotor I when you play DS.

Master Vandar lives!

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T3 ~ 5/5 ~ Not sure if the writers meant to do this, but considering how he wasn't developed at all in K1, he (it?) comes off as having grown in AI in K2 from his experiences. He's this innocent little droid, yet he makes decisions that saved the Exile twice, and he's also withholding information about Revan. T3 is more lifelike than most of the other sentients.


cute little chap indeed.


does the influence thingy count for him too?

concerning new infos and actions etc..


if i have him in the party while doing the missions,

will he do/tell more than the usual stuff on the Ebon Hawk ?

(no details please)


i didnt take him into the missions because he didnt seem

to develop like the other npcs..

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Hey, I thought I might have a run-through of my K2 character's thoughts:


Kreia - 4/5 - She is a manipulative mind and a genius. She is excellent, stealthy, devoius. Yes, I hate her guts, but as a character she is amazingly built-up.


Atton - 3/5 - Mainly for the past story. He tries too hard to be funny, and he is attempted to be in love with Fem. Exile, but really it's never really shown except from when he's checking her out on Peragus.


Bao-Dur - 1/5 - Yes General? 1. Never Mind. Simplicity.


T3-M4 - 3/5 - much more developed than from K1. In K1, he was a junkpile. In K2, he had humour, the hologram of Bastila, and all in all, was a vast improvement.


Handmaiden - 4/5 - She has personality, she has a story, she has a kick if you get it on with Visas....but it's not a 5/5. She doesn't appeal to the tastes in my opinion (unless your the kind of person who likes Albino women and Atris). So a 4/5.


Disiple - 2/5 - He has a story, but a bland, boring voice, a kind of 'trying too hard' feeling, and a bowl haircut ( :) ).


HK-47 - 5/5 - Almost gave a 4/5 because of some ndeveloped story, but combined with the K1 stories and the K2 humour, he is excellent. The only overall person I like more is Canderous/Mandalore.


G0-T0 - 4/5 - Dont ask. Because you won't get an answer. Because there isn't one. Yes, I just randomly like him (maybe It's ecause hes a fat orb resembling the Interrogation droid on the Death Star in Episode 4.


Mira - 5/5 - Super attitude, decent story, fiery hair, good looks and awesome leather. :)


Hanharr - 4/5 - He is the coolest! The evil monster-man, yet still holding stories, rocks for me. Plus, his hatred for weakness, and how he slaughtered his own tribe for some bizarre reason.


Visas - 2/5 - Bloody hell. Stupid soft voice, not good looks, ghastly clothes and "My life is yours". God, I just want to turn on my lightsaber and chop her up.


Mandalore - 5/5 - I love him. Combined with Canderous from K!, he is the best. He has the cool stories, the cool Mandalore suit, his presence is just awesome for me.

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LOL, well its been awhile since I ranted them but since I just finished replaying game yet again, heres my updated list!


Kreia: 5/5. For what her character was meant to be, she was perfect. I do agree there wasnt enough incentive to take her out on missions but her role was amazingly strong even with that fault.


Handmaiden: 5/5. Just the perfect romance story plain and simple! Lots of background, required interaction to gain trust, and the final pay off of her telling you her name was fantastically written (also, she was a major kick butt jedi).


T3: 5/5. This is how a droid should be! Simple as that. T3 in K2 was perfect!


Atton: 4/5. I dont normally like the Hans Solo type character (hated Carth in K1) but Attons back story was so interesting and came off as a complete surprise! The interaction between him and Kreia in the force cages was PERFECT forshadowing. Didnt give away the story but peaked your interest.


Visas 4/5. Great character but not a 5/5 because of lack of lenght in backstory! But even with that draw back she was amazing and could draw you in. The force sharing was very well done and her 2 bits on the ravanger really completed the tale. Who ever did Visas voice should definately be hired again for future projects!


Mira: 4/5. Again, great character but to easy to get backstory. Mira should have been a 3rd romance option though, all the peices were there for it but Obsidian never pulled the plug for it to happen.


Mandalore: 3/5. Still great to have in group (was a regular Party member in both K1 and 2 for me) but lacked much backstory this time around. Obsidian definately could have done more with him.


HK: 2/5. Stilll humorous but it started to get old. Probably would have ranked much much higher if the droid factory had been in game as that was obviously his storyline.


Bao Dur: 1/5. Character really does fall flat. I think his main problem is he just doesnt compare to the others that aare available for use. Hes a great unarmed fighter and tech but personality just wasnt there.


Disciple: 1/5. Boring! Boring! Boring! Did I mention boring??? What else really needs to be said?


Hanharr: 1/5. To be honest, I didnt think it was possible to make a wookie I disliked more then Zalbarr (from K1), I stand corrected! Only ever got him once because after that if I planned to go DS I MADE SURE I got Mira before turning DS. Stupid wookie added nothing at all to the game. Was useless in battle, just really really hated him.


Go To: -10/5. Hated this character in EVERY GAME I PLAYED! Not hated as hes a good bad buy, hated as didnt want to hear from him EVER! Dont think Ive ever actually gotten his full story because that voice grats my nerves and his personality type just turns me right off to the point that not hearing his story is preferable!

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Here are my thoughts:


Kreia: 4.5/5 An interesting and rather well done character. The backstroy is interesting, but gaining influence with her is a boring and annoying process. She is a powerful consular with a high wisdom, not to mention the Force Chain ability, which is great.


Atton: 3.5/5 He has an interesting backstory, but overall he is a very boring character. The worst thing is that you unlock all of his story in a single dialoge line. The rest is pazzak, pazzak and more pazzak. Atton starts as a Scoundrel, with slightly improved battle capabilities., which don't help him much. The scoundrel is primary a skill class, and Atton did not gain may skills. His unique abilities are exellent, especially because he is not a powerful combat character. He is a weak Sentinel too.


Bao-Dur: 4/5 He has good battle capavilities, but a low constitution, and because of it he dies oftern. If you don't level him up he becomes a decent Guardian. His little lines are not very interesting. His skills are a huge advantage, however. He has an unique ability to destroy force shields, which sounds useful, but in truth you will need it only about 5-6 times.


Handmaiden: 4.5/5 A great character. Does not have any skills to ofer, but her battle capabilities are high. She teaches you a great force power(battle precognition) and the sparring matches are fun. Her special abilities are about unarmed fight, so they won't be of much real use. She is a Soldier and later can become a Guardian. Her wisdom is noy high, but her Charisma is good.Her backstory is interesting.


Disciple; 4/5 A nice character. His backstory is slightly interesting, but can be unlocked wiht only one dialoge line. I don't see much use of his ability to create medical items, because the game is not very difficult. You can regenerate force points through him, but again this is not a big advantage. He is a soldier, and later becomes a Consular. That makes him a powerful combination, if leveled up correctly.


Mira: 4.5/5 A very useful character. Has enough skills, and if Bao_dur is trained as a guardian, Mira becomes the main skill character. An interesting thing is that after you traun her as a Sentinel, everything becomes a class skill for her(exept persuade, of cource). Her unique abilitie not to trigger mines is fairly useful, but it is fun. She starts as a scout which makes her very good with ranged weapons(she is better than HK). She makes a good Sentinel, too.


T3-M4 4.5/5 He is much better in K2 than K1. He(it?) can become a tank wiht the right equiptment and if you upgrade him. If you upgrade him to the maximum you also recieve bonus to your Wisdom. Anohter improvement is giving T3 a personality. Unlike the other two droids in K2, he is Light Side oriented and you gust do Ls acts to ifluece him.


G0-T0: 3/5 His Droid Scramble ability is not bad, but overall G0-T0 is useless. He has DS persona, so a LS character would have trouble geting him to talk. G0t0 has an interesting backstory, but you can easily go without it, especially because of cut material from the game where is G0t0's moment of fame and usefulness.


Hk-47-3/5 To be honest Hk's useless. His dialoges are nice and nothing more. He actually gains less feats than T3 and GOTO, so if you want to have a droid that is good at combat take them.


Hanhar-4/5 I almost forgot about him. He is a very, very, VERY strong melee character. Including his Fury ability he is almost unstoppable. Just give him a good melee weapon and watch him do all the work. Ohterwise he has nothing else to offer. He has low defence, but the real problem is that he is a Scout and not a Soidier.

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This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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People who complain about a lack of emotion from Boa Dur are missing something blatantly obvious...the man expresses his emotions through his engineering.......his anger and rage and hatred manifested itself through the mass shadow generator............he's not social at all, likes to be left alone, built a droid for a companion...what were you expecting??

umm yeah I felt like I was short-changed with Visas...the intimate scene with her right before the war on Telos could have been taken so much further...the consummate characters are probably Brianna and Kreia...Kreia's character was a work of genius, brilliant voice acting...Atton is okay....thank god he was'nt as annoying as Carth.........I miss the intimacy that came with Bastila....Hanharr is an interesting story, as is Mira....Mandalore is a srictly a follow up....not much of a story to him...we got most of it from the first game....don't blame his lack of dialogue on the creators...what could he really say that he had'nt in the first game........Goto could have been so much more....was really annoyed with that character...........HK-47 is the comic relief

I hated the disciple and everything he stood for........although he does have an good backstory to him....................

I wish there was more info on Nihilius.......the number of times we meet Sion, and the number of times Kreia mentions him, makes it seem as if he is more powerful than Nihilius

It got really annoying and repetitious when Visas kept saying "my life for yours"

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