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I've just picked up the Morrowind GOTY edition for $20. I know of the stigma that's been associated with the game, but I want to keep an open mind.


I'd appreciate some mod suggestions. What do they do and where can I find them? Gracias.

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I'll be following this thread too. I've been looking for a good reason to install Morrowind.

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Just reading the cover again almost convinced me ... then I remembered the almost interminable gameplay.


It IS fun, until it just becomes the same over and over again, which takes a little while. They got a lot right with it.


These guys are re-making Ultima IX as a mod for Morrowind:





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I would download the uninstall mod.


Seriously, though, there are a lot of mods out there that do wonders for the packaged campaign, let alone creating a new game. My personal favorite was the mod that gave one of the shopkeepers 50k gold. Sure, it's cheesy, but no more cheesy than managing your sales and expenditures until you could make up the difference. It added tedium to a game that was already steeped in tedium.


That's the advice I have... install mods that take away those aspects of the game that you find irritating. Then play the packaged campaign before you head off to full scale mod conversions.

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here is another mod siteMorrowind summit

U may want to get a house to store loot that u find.

also, u may want to try the zed mod, he is a merchant in balamore near the mage's guild. Merchants in MW have various, low level, money available for buying your loot, while zed has a million dollars available for buying loot. He is very handy when u find valuable loot and want to sell it for a proper price.

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Go grab all the plugins from the main site, then all the pretty heads rhedd and others did along with a matching head replacement package and Psychodogs Studios' Better Bodies. There's also some improved robe packs out there But I can't remember anymore right now.

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Guest Fishboot

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I particularly recommend the assassin's guild fix from that list for someone with the GOTY edition.


Also:Morrowind FPS Optimizer


The "FPS optimizer" has a lot of uses, particularly for people with superior video cards to what was available when Morrowind first came out, so that you can do things like crank the view distance past what the in-game menus allow or turn on the best lighting effects.

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