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Opposite Ailgnment

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Ever since I beat KOTOR II with no cheats, I've been hunting mods down in order to get replay value. Now when I do a LS Male or Female, strangely enough my NPCS go DS, so it has nothing to do with influence.


If you can fix this thanks. Before you look at the pic and start yelling "CHEATER!" remember what I said, I beat it without cheating this is just my fooling around game file. And since I have nothing better to do with a spraned, and swollen ankle.


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I forget where I read this, but if you use a cheat and your stats are over a certain number (3 digits or more I think it was) then the game will go 'wonky' with the alignment and influence.



I had this happen to me only once in a game (I haven't used the cheats yet... thinking about it now to see things that I may have missed and not really into building another 'legit' character)

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