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Unknown Force Powers

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I seem to have missed one of them. On the list, right above Beast Trick.

I also have Force Sight, Precognition, Battle Precognition, Breath Control, the seven Lightsaber forms and Force Channel.


What is it and how do I get it?

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I doubt there's any way to get all of the unknown force powers.


I believe these are filled with things like Force Crush, Force Enlightenment, Beast Trick, and such that are not available to be chosen in the list of powers when you level up, but instead are just learned along the way.


Obviously there's no way to learn both Force Crush and Force Enlightenment in the same playthough. So I'd say it's impossible to fill out all of your "unknown powers."


Also, if you play through DS and kill the Jedi Masters, then you find out that there are techniques in the force which do not have names.

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