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Mask of Nihilus

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After defeating nihilus you get dialogue option with visas something like: "Take his mask and bring it to me." And I even got the line: "Item aquired: Mask of Nihilus" afterwards, but I could not find it anywhere on my inventory. So is it possible to get it? Did I encounter a bug or was it simply cut from game?

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It's not a usable item. It just increases your total FP.

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


"I don't see a problem...then again, SW isn't my life, so what do I know...." - some who makes 27.8 post per day on a SW forum!

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They really should've made it possible to wear Nihilus' mask & robe, which would've been fitting for the (darkside) Exile.

But he's so large. And that mask hsn't been washed in ages. :shifty:"


It might've been cool. Maybe the Exile will in KoTOR 3? :D


It would be appropriate.


I personally think the image of Nihilus' hood & mask on the box cover, with no face outline, actually refers to the Exile and her ability.

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