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  1. Whoa! I had no idea! The first time I played through I didn't put much into int or awareness because I wanted the points for more physical things, but after discovering a few extras bits the second time through have realised that what I thought were lame stats are actually more important. I spent 59 hours playing through the first time and STILL didn't see everything, flaw as it may be, I love this game (and the first one).
  2. Malak did have the skin taint. Compared to the cinematic of him and Revan entering the ruins on Dantooie, Malak's skin is clearly pale gray. I'm guessing DS Bastila didn't have any changes because she newly fell. I imagine the skin alterations take time. -Ben <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, Malak looked heaps different, the dark side did hasve an effect on his looks.
  3. I can't believe so many people voted for Bastilla. Maybe I should become a bossy, opinionated schutta.... Seems to attract the guys!
  4. I read it was 1/4 too, though I suspected it was higher. Maybe if you are further in the game you only need 1/4, but to get her before a certain point it has to be 75%? I'm lucky I got her at all, I didn't get very far into the light, being my usual neutral self.
  5. Not me, that's the part of my game that kept freezing, I had to do that battle about ten times before I finally got through it without my Xbox locking up... That stuff Mira says to the other girls, I didn't realise they had worked that into the male game. When you play female you have to option to ask her, "Do you know anything about men?" And that is what she tells you. So these were my faves: "Sure, men are easy, that's why I dress like this! When they look down to check you out, you jab them with a bothan stunner, ect." "I found some clothes." "Damnit- I mean.. ah.. good! It was distracting... for the droids I mean..." Yeah I know they have already been mentioned... I'll try to think of more bits I liked that I wasn't reminded of already on this page. I know I laughed several more times... I also liked when Atton asked Bao-dur, "Do you think there is any chance she and I might..." I laughed and clapped my hands and said, "Yay, he likes me!" I also enjoyed Bao-dur saying, "Ooh, claws out today.'
  6. When Kreia was talking to Atris near the end I though 'oh my god, Atris is this Darth Traya person and she's going to be the end boss, nice!' then was dissapointed that I was wrong. It's somewhat reasuring to find out that I could have been right if the game wasn't cut down. I mean, it made sense, she was obviously supposed to be a much bigger character than she ended up being.
  7. I figured I got them because I called him 'pompus', but it was worth it!
  8. Well it's one of them, and it's writtern on the screen.
  9. You didn't kill her did you? I'm not sure if you can, but it could be like Juhani in kotor 1, if you kill her you never get he in your party. And to DJL2 who said the most dissapointing thing was not being able to take the game back for a refund... why not? I work in a video game store and if a game has bugs like this we will happily refund it. Usually we ask the customer to bring it in and prove it by showing us the bug, but in a game like this where the bugs are well known it is never a problem. In over 3 years of working selling games I can only think of 2 that were ever recalled and rereleased due to bugs. AFL Live 2004 (which was only released in Australia) was so buggy that Aklaim had a offer customers an opportunity to swap their discs for a new bug free version and the latest Tiger Woods, which we had to pull of the shelves because of some major error that prevented you from playing past the first part. Both were extreme cases so I doubt anything will be done about this game...
  10. Oh, I think it is a very asexual name that could work for either. Maybe I should name my daughter Revan? Hehe. Not that I ever plan on having kids, but if I did...
  11. What, so if you are Dark Side the picture changed to your character? That would be cool! I havn't finished DS yet. I'm sad the Traya picture stopped appearing after I started my new game
  12. There is a second Disciple and Atton one? Damn... Iwas afriad to get influence with Disciple in case I ended upgetting a love screne with him, but it seems that there aren't any for the female EXcile, not like how if you play a male and you get to have a scene with Visas about feeling the force together (or whatever it is).
  13. That's the point of a game though, you play someone who you are not. When playing Fable or Harvest Moon I have a great time trying to chat up the girls and get myself a hot wife Though I must admit I always go for the Tomboy chick in Harvest Moon cause she reminds me of myself... Though if there is no choice in the matter, most males will happily play as a girl, like in Oni, Metroid, Perfect Dark, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, No One Lives Forever, Primal, Beyond Good and Evil, P.N.03, Project Zero, Sudeki, and I think I am out of ideas... but you get the point. (Not that there is much flirting in those games, though if you play Fear Effect you get to be a lesbian...) Oh, I just want to add the usually we are outnumbered so we can't complain too much, but in this forum I'd say there is probably at least a 50% female population, so watch out guys
  14. Ha! I didn't even think of that! Perhaps you can't feel pain through the bond if you are the one attacking the other person... lol
  15. Check that the ship hasn't been taken over by the guys who are actually supposed to be using that landing pad.
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