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Handmaiden bug?

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Upon leaving Telos, I got handmaiden onboard the ship and fought with her and got the wisdom bonus to AC. Now everytime I speak with her she says "I do not think you are ready for further instruction." I am currently halfway through with the Dantooine mission (my first stop).


I am worried because I just read in Dan Simpson's faq (gamefaqs.com) that there is a bug if you fight Handmaiden before landing on your first planet, that the fights cannot be won:


" Like Visas, you only really want to start dealing with her once you hit a

planet. Why? There's a bug, where if you spar with her in certain places,

such as where you start, then you can't win at sparring and it will go on

forever and ever. And ever. Until you get frustrated and break the rules.

So, head to your first planet, then talk to her in the Cargo Hold. If you

are very Light/Dark she'll react to that."


I seemed to win, so I don't think I have experienced this bug, even though I fought with her immediately. But I can't fight with her any more, even though I've been in battles. Is it possible to fight more later?



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or once you leave dantooine.

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Last battle(third) happens at PC level 18(15 normal class and 3 prestige - normally should look that way or you really are undecided and deserve to be beaten by whomever you may fight last Bossy :p )


Back to an unusual problem for me:

As I remember last time I played LS male I got handmaiden Jedi quite rapidly(I was stupid then so she was the ONLY made Jedi in the party). Also I did Telos-Dantooine-Nar Shadaa...went well as as far as I remember she tells her name right after u make her Jedi

Now...I got her Jedi last(made Bao-Dur and Atton first then Mira) doing Telos-Nar Shadaa Lightside...I arrive at Dantooine...and decide to ask her to put some clothes on(for all you folks who like to stare at her I DID had more concern about dialogue)..problem is she put the Jedi robe...speaks of anything except the second line about Atris(fail influence and she has mastery as I do :) )

Also right after I make her Jedi I find myself in the ****pit(cabin - lol? ) behind Atton instead in cargo hold...crap buggy game


The issue is this: I made her Jedi but when I ask her name she doesn`t tell .. instead she mumbles about the same old line

Any idea if she`ll tell later? since she has mastery I believe I shouldn`t fail ANY influence check...

Thanks for reply

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That friggin` savegame editor says I have influence 100 on her..as to anyone of the lighside except Mira with 91 and Bao-Dur with 98

I guess I`ll have to trade the 100 influence with Kreia to the gain for Handmaiden on the mercenaries outside Crystal cave


Thanks for reply..in max 2 hours I should have a clear answer

Also there is a second line concerning Atris(not that one that leads to the assumptions about her and the questions about Exile`s choice) which fails the influence check..."most intriguing"

I did the same steps as last time with a exception..I kept her on te ship as lvl 6 soldier to convert her the kotor 1 way :lol: possibly missed a influence gain ingame and that 100 is EXCLUSIVELY from talking and sparring...

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