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GS: Tell us about the new Force powers and Jedi abilities in the sequel. Were any of them tweaked in the PC version based on feedback on the Xbox version?


MG: We've added more than 60 new feats and Force powers in KOTOR II. All the powers and feats were rebalanced for the sequel, and most of that work was completed in October and November.


GS: Were there any other aspects of the game that were tweaked or modified for the PC, such as the level cap?


MG: We didn't adjust much in the PC version of the game, because once you start changing certain things, you have the potential for breaking something else that was working fine. We were careful about any changes or adjustments in the PC version


In other words we get all the balance issues the xbox version had :p and little if anything has been fixed due to feedback. >_<

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Yes, and i'm wondering why the pc version was delayed as they didn't make any changes (or few)


The PC version was delayed because MS wanted it that way.

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