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The Force? Fact or Fiction

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I know this might be a wierd question, but i wanna know if people think that the force can actually be real. Some wierd things happen to people an i just want to know your opinions. I think it exists sort of.


You are correct, it does exist. How do I know this? Well, its me (w00t) I am the only force worth caring about in this universe :)"

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If you took some research... We use only 10% of our brain, imagine if we were using like 75% or even 100% of it. Perhaps we're never gonna know if yes, with 100% you can do some weird thing as lifting a little object....


No, no, no...


If you did some research, you would know that is false. We use our brains completely.


You learn this in high school, why don't people know this?

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Why the **** is this even a topic..


I am with you....how could someone consider a fictional creation to be real?????


The only thing even close to "the force" is buddism(sry if I spealt that wrong).

"Some people are always trying to iceskate uphill."

Blade(Wesley Snipes) from the movie Blade.

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"The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization." - Sigmund Freud

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