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Is Kreia really Raiden?

Is Kreia really Raiden?  

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  1. 1. Is Kreia really Raiden?

    • Yes
    • No

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wow, a more useless thread i have never seen! but hey congratulations on having the balls to post it, naturally they will soon be ripped of by a myriad of pessimistic ironic sarcast satircal 1000 posts+ members  :thumbsup:

Choose your words carefully friend, your getting dangerously close yourself at 700 :-

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no, the back lash was that players wanted to play as the cool, macho main character of the orignal, not some effiminate, whining character we've never heard of.



Precisely. For the three games prior I had played as Solid Snake, and all the reviews, trailers, and etc. made it seem as though I would play as Solid Snake in MGS2. Then, lo and behold, two hours into the game I'm behind the controls of a whining Nelson twins wannabe. Add to that the ridiculous conspiracy theory of the game and even more ridiculous villains, and it is easy to see why I hate Raiden.


'Course, he got his just desserts in Snake Eater. Heh, Volgin's little "love muffin"...

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This is the best poll I've seen in quite some time... I didn't really get into the MGS games so I don't know that Raiden, but I bet the clever author of this post is referring to the God of Thunder himself. Wow... thanks for a laugh and of course....


Have a nice day. :)

baby, take off your beret

everyone's a critic and most people are DJs

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