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The knockout punch for Interplay?


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Only the truly foolish. Afterall, I wanted to see it sell 3 copies so I can laugh. Hahaha.


Ah well. Interplay was already useless anyways since they weren't really making any games anyways other that other MMORPG that they were 'financing'.


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Ha - just yesterday Grok (Brandon from Atari PR) told me in a PM that one of the reasons that Atari hadn't been that interested in resurrecting the Jefferson project (a major reason) was that Interplay still wanted BIG BUCKS for the engine, or in his words, it sure as hell wasn't a 'fire sale'. Well now maybe it is a fire sale. I think Feargus should offer them 20 bucks for the engine now that they are liquidating

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the creditors have control over that now.. well, the court, which will probably oversee liquidation efforts. this last bit, btw, typically means there will be an auction for the remaining assests, proceeds going towards debt repayment.


which brings up a valid point: is any game company, particularly one that has developers that already worked with it, interested in the J engine and existing content?



comrade taks... just because.

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*Visceris begins to sing!*


DING DONG! The b**ch is dead!

The b**ch is dead!

The b**ch is dead!

DING DONG! The wicked b**ch is dead!


Um, yeah, whatever.


Now that the past is gone and forgotten, let Obsidian, the true successor of Black Isle Studios, pathe the future with success! (w00t)

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It can't be an empty shell because he's in the middle. And he's worth more than nothing, everyone knows that. Your logic fails. R00FLES!!!


:: notices sig:: <_< ::Notices "your logic fails":: :devil: ::Sees "ROOFLES":: :huh:



My God! It's absorbing elements of this boards more "colorful" members!


Kill it! Kill it now!

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