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RPGs of 2005


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They are all on my "Plan to Buy" list. I am in hopes that the new Elder Scrolls has a bit more action than the last. Reading a preview the other day in one of the prints mags, it sounds like it might...but it was not definitive.

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None of them seem to be overly interesting. The Fall I might get, but I'll wait til a few more patches are released for it before I get it. I hated Gothic 2 so more than likely I'll hate Gothic 3. TES 4 I might get because there is nothing much else available, but if they use the same conversation system as Morrowind I'll wait for the bargin bin. Oh, and I am not going to go into why I am not getting KotOR 2.

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the fall looks to be the only game on that list that im interested in. ive already played kotor2 and since it ran without a hitch for me on the xbox (i never had the technical problems others seem to have) theres no real reason for me to get the pc version.


on my maybe list:

-the witcher

-elder scrolls iv: oblivion

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There is a nameless professional game developer that is talking about coming on board.

Um, wouldn't that be a problem with the 'fan' part in 'Fanout'?


Anyway, perhaps Oblivion will surprise me. I'm going to try K2, and I suppose I will try The Fall too, but I'm going to wait until they release about 20 more patches.


This 'Freedom Force' sounds interesting. Is it any good?

- When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little better than a beast.

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:angry: no!




The XBox is just a cut down PC... a minipc if you will :)


The Gamecube of course is superior... because it has..... Resident Evil!!!!!!!!!!!  :D

Hmm...only 100 bucks now. Dare I invest in this 'Gamecube'? I must speak with the remaining survivors who have previously taken Darque's advice. :ph34r:

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