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Suggestions for KotOR III

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New Planets please! :huh:


More force powers. the new ones were cool but I want more


A new ship, the Ebon Hawk is all right but i've seen it before <_<


More lightsaber colors


More backstories on characters.


I want to be able to be an alien like Yoda or a Twilek instead of always being a human


ummm Anakins Revenge. Im Irish :( <_<

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It was a fun game , but there are a few things that I would love to see in the next installment:


Time Distortion:

slow all enermies to a crawl, a nice combo with burst speed.


Force Throw:

pick up opponent/opponents or object/objects and send them flying to their doom, ex. pick up mines in surrounding area and chuck it at your opponents, or throw an opponent off the ledge <enjoying the subtle sound of him/her falling to their doom>, or smashing them against the wall or into each other, again and again and again <this may make the game more challenging if a character's will save is low.....>


I cant help being sadistic :"> ....its just a part of who I am, that is weird if you consider that my characters in games like these are light sided.


Force Summon:

"a forbidden technique learnt by both Revan and the Exile, while they fight together (maybe, it is likely that they will chose which side either one of them was, this time around) against the true sith".

the character creates an extension of himself using the force (I think if it looked like a beast, instead of a dark clone of your character that would work well), the summon, at first is weak, but grows stronger as you do, and changes in appearance based on your alignment.


- it is always nice to have a summoning ability, makes the game a little bit more fun, having your "pet" ravage your opponents, as you as a proud creator watch in the wake of its destructive path..... :huh:


Force Infusion:

it is similar to what Kreia did at the end, infusing the "force" within three lightsabers, though it may be better/less confusing if they were "ghostly lightsabers".


Claw Based Lightsabers would be a nice touch, a wide-spread light saber that extends from the elbow to a little past the hand, ex. stab the opponent and force his/her body above u, and repeatidly stab the body (holding the body up by just the right amount with the force), feeling joy in not only the blood raining upon you, but the screams/scream as they are maimed in unspeakable ways....ok like I said I am saddistic, yet saddistic in a good way....hehe


I'd be nice if force choke was made a conversation option, not just a combat feature >_<" ....like I said I have some evil issues to deal with.


It'd be nice if you could (instead of just equiping and un-equiping lightsabers the way it is done) use the "force" to pull your lightsaber/lightsabers from your robe (it will only apply if the character were wearing one, otherwise it would look weird)


a storyline more impressive than the first, which I confess was the most compelling of the two. In both games, when a character finds the planet/location of the last boss, they are forced to go there, if it were possible to select this location at a time of our chosing, and still explore if we wanted to, that would be nice.


graphics comparable to that of a final fantasy 10 and up, would make the sequel to the game the absolute greatest out there.


oh there is one last thing I would love to see, and that is a modification to the level up system, in a game called fable, they designed the system so that no actual leveling up occurs, the character gains experience, and can invest those experience points in whatever they deserve, in essense, making it possible to become a "god" in the game. It may not be possible with kotor or it sequels, given that the limitations were placed to make the game more interesting, and a bit more challenging. If however, they can be more flexible with the limitations, such that it is possible for a jedi councelor to be even grounds in regard to combat alone with a sentinel or guardian or visa versa that would be great.


well that's it, I apologize for making this so large, just wanted to add in my two cents is all.

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How about an option to buy/customize a ship.. so were not always stuck with the Ebon Hawk?


Several different endings... has anyone played Blade Runner for the PC? :p


maybe you can start a new game.. like episode 3 (game) where you can control Obi-Wan and Anakin through the events of episode 3... Maybe, before you start the game, you get to choose from 2 options:


1. Start the game as a new guy, encounter new friends yet again, and maybe old friends that could help along your story.. this could be like.. the search for revan or something that follows the kotor 2 events.. or maybe even.. the return of Exar Kun? :D


2. Play the game, following kotor 1 + 2 (during option 1.. like what was revan doing at this point.. etc), as both Revan and Exile (..maybe Exile finds revan later in the game, turns him to the lightside blah blah blah, or battles him? then he joins the team etc.)


*shrug* I dunno, thats just something what would be cool, and keep your old characters as playable again.. and maybe even build your characters up with new Jedi moves.


I think the KOTOR games are building up to kotor3, when Exile actually finds Revan, and depending on how you played the first 2, i.e. if Exile is good, and Revan is bad.. theres a huge fight scene between the two?



Shane Tyduk

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With the sucess of KotOR I and II there is no doubt that a KotOR III is in the making (a press release by lucasarts seems to confirm this) and seeing as Obsidian went on the KotOR I forums to get ideas for features to have in KotOR II (that is where the idea for jedi robes came from(I think)), I might as well make my own list of suggestions now before they get too far into KotOR III's developement.



I agree there needs to be a third KOTR.




I played the second game first, and then the first after I beat the second and there's definitely good things and bad between them. My ideas for the third game would be....


1. Far less glitches, as in the first game. I never really came across any glitches when I played the first game, but the second was just loaded with them it seemed. I know things are never smooth, but this was just horrid. I think they did an incredibly poor job on the dialogue. Half the time when my friend played (she was a light side female), the dialogue about Revan fluxed between "him" and "she", more him than she. It was annoying, especially when we women are on the rise when it comes to playing video games.


2. A much better plot. Over all, up until the end, the plot was decent. It was confusing for at least my friend, who was convinced she was once again Revan in this game, which I thought as well. It was an interesting twist to feature someone who had served with Revan during the Mandalorian Wars and was equally effected by the war and aftermath. But that ending? WTF! I'm STILL confused and I did the ending twice to see if I could change the outcome somehow. No go. And the side quests were like, "why do I want to do this?" They really had no baring on the story. Which brings me to number three.


3. Better cast interaction. I don't know about you, but I enjoyed the cohesiveness of the first Ebon Hawk crew and their side quests were fairly important, because you got to learn about them and that's why you were all so close. And it wasn't just you who talked to them, they talked to each other as well. TSL wasn't like that. I mean, you had some interaction, but it was mostly Kreia manipulating people to join you. That's not a team and as you obviously go along, you need the other members of your crew. I played a dark side male in this sequel and went through half the game convinced Kreia and the rest of the crew was trying to kill me (which apparently is the feeling other dark side players feel, extremely paranoid) How much "team player" - ness are you going to get when your crew's trying to kill you?


4. Better romance line. I don't know about you, but I like my love life to be straight and forward. In the first game, the romances were clear. If you were female, you got Carth (if you wanted him and who wouldn't?) and if you were male, you got Bastila. And it went along as you got to know them, hence fall for them. In TSL, it was like, who's after me? For me, I wanted the Handmaiden to fall for me. So imagine my surprise when she stops talking to me (thanks to Kreia <_< ) and Visas is in love with me, when Atris HAD been in love with me. And according to those that were female characters, Atton and the Disiple had a tiff over you and then five seconds later, they were friends. WTF. I mean, yay I have people fighting over me (much more realistic with the female NPCs), but I wanna know who I should go for in case I want that option.


Overall, I liked the new things from the second game. Graphics were better, navigating was better, but things could've been much better.



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1. Well I'd sure like the components/chemicals to use with the workbehnch to make stuff return.


2. I would like a transit system in your menus like in KOTOR1. KOTOR 2 did have something like it on Telos and Nar Shaddara, and Duxn, but not on Dantooine. I didn't think there needed to be one though for Korribon (there was only a small place to rome) or Onderon (simular situation).


3. Character sidequests. KOTOR 1 had the ones that would appear in the quest menus.


4. I agree I do like the Ebon Hawk, but maybe our characters should fly a new ship.


5. More dynamic DS ending. Something having to either do with a large battle at the end of the game or some kind of large catastropy.


6. Some minor ideas like if all you have is blaster weapons and you are close to a guy. Maybe make the weapon bash the enemy.


7. More mandalorians.


8. I like how there are space battles against fighters, but how about we add missiles to it.

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4. Different Animations for the different lightsaber forms....should have been in KotOR II but because it was on a time constraint I'll let it slide.



I'd like to see new Stances, and animations also.. and also the ability to craft a unique Lightsaber handle.. maybe the stances could be that you hold the saber upside down, maybe you have your arms behind your back.. making it seem like your guard is dropped, kinda mysterious :D *shrug* maybe create your own "Darth" suit and name for if your character decides to become the new Dark lord.



Shane Tyduk

Some awesome title name here


"If you sharpen a knife to its limits,

you run the risk of cutting your own

hand. The knife has no choice but to

be as sharp as you made it."

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Too true, thinking of Kotor III is folly, we must alway look ahead or otherwise we will be left behind. I heard theres a guy in New Zealand whos already thinking of Kotor VIII

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There is also a guy in New Zealand called Michael Itchyanus!

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


"I don't see a problem...then again, SW isn't my life, so what do I know...." - some who makes 27.8 post per day on a SW forum!

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1. A complete story. No more plot holes.


2. Better continuity, even on the small things. For instance a Basilisk War Droid should look like a Basilisk War Droid.


And just to prove how the BWD in the game wasn't a BWD:


"Looking like a cross between a Karran bettle and a Zalorian rock lion, the Basilisk War Droids were created by the technologically minded basiliskans. arrogant reptiloids who poisoned their own planet during the Batle of Basilisk.Afterwared, the tech hungry Mandalorians greedily looted countless war droids."


So the Basilisk War Droids were modeled on and created by the Basilikans. Thus if a Basilisk War Droid looks any other way it is no longer a basilisk war droid. Just like a toy horse is modeled after a real horse.


3. Must be Revan again


4. More new planets, with a few old one's yet to be seen. Like Coruscant and Planet Mandalore.


5. Better saber animation


6. A grand Epic story that will end this series on a high note. Looking for Revan won't achieve that.


7. Return of some old characters like Jolee and mission. And cameo's by most if not all of the older one's who won't make the party.

KOTOR 2 must be completed

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Woohoo! I am glad that this has gone this far lets keep it up!


There are 2 force powers I want to see:


Telekinesis: U see jedi do this in the movies alot, I just want the ability to pick objects up off the ground and throw it at my enemy!


Force Destruction: similar to Telekinesis but this would be described as when Dooku ripped objects off the wall and sent them at Yoda, as well as Breaking the roof right over yoda's head!


These could be separated or they could be the same.

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1. Cameos or at least mentions of the party from both games( Maybe they even join in ur party)


2. Maybe even a new ship, like The exile travels in a new ship and Revan takes the Ebon Hawk or vice versa


3. We have to see go to Coruscant! Story: After finding Revan in the uknown Regions Revan and the Exile go to Coruscant and some of the Core Worlds to prepare them for the oncoming invasion of the "True Sith"


4. We should pick to play Revan or the Exile but have both in the party.No new characters. For the whole starting at lvl 1 thing we should just be able to pick a prestige class to start off. This could also work with picking if u went evil or good for both. Pick if they are a master, weapons master or watchmen if u went good and sith lord, marauder, or assasin if u went evil.

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Make it so cyou can get to becom a junkie or an alchoholic, given that your not a jedi, which is a must! But seriously, make the story waay later, and have the main character be on a "quest" or something to try and deal with whatever problems that have arised because of revan+exile, so basically you choose what each of em were and did in the past and then find out more and more of what happened as the story progresses.. whatever, just some drunk but consistent thoughts...


P.S. I don't think the PC should be some sort of hero or special when the game begins, but to evolve into one towards the end...

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