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What makes Kotor distinguishable...


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is, to be honest, you actually remember name and personality of the NPCs.


There are not much games around you can refer to some situation/event by just mentioning names.


It's like not telling 'bout this 'guy' or that 'chick' but rather 'bout 'Carth' and 'Handmaiden'


I had this experience last time while playing 'Planescape: Torment' :p


Possibly this is a general sign of a good game.


My 2 cents :)

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exactly, in the Star wars dictionary Bastila is an overconfident arrogant jedi until you beat her in a lightsaber duel. I really enjoyed that line where she says "I am no match for you"... No kidding Bastila, you never were. I was tempted to kill her but I just broke her heart. "Will there be a place for me in your future?" Nope, why would there be? Idiot... I also enjoyed insulting/annoying her. In once conversation, I reacll saying : "Your face is scrunched up like a Kinrath pup" and then she says "I am a jedi... (bla bla bla) ...my thoughts remain hidden regardless of whatever I feel for you... (bla bla bla)...". Well, I'll give her some credit. She was the only character I enjoyed tormenting.


Carth was pretty annoying too though. Its a pity you didn't get to kill him unless you played as a DS Female. Couldn't you send him to his death on one mission? How about take a shuttle down to a planet crawling with Sith and battle them (Korriban). Ofcourse, he would have to do this alone...

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I'll agree with this. I thought the NPCs were very memorable and were well done and fleshed out. It's one of the things that I enjoyed about KOTOR the most, and one of the reasons I rate it so highly.

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Yeah the characters were more than just some cheep companions with no story, only purpose to help you defeat enemies they had a story and were more than just useless sidekicks. The characters were fleshed out


I don't know, when I was level 17 and above, I felt I could walk around the unknown world alone and take on just about anything. I didn't feel too much need for them unless I wanted to talk w/ them. Some characters were definetly interesting companions though...

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I dunno, I'd agree with you on Kotor 1, but this last one, i never really developed a rapport with the npcs, as hard as I tried. For example, convos with Atton always felt forced, convos with Visas well...ran out of material pretty fast, Kreia was good, but overall, it just didn't feel as involved. Maybe that was just me though. :thumbsup:

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