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  1. I would like a new engine aswell, in many reviews kotor 2 got bashed for not having a new engine
  2. good gob! really nice I wish I could draw like that
  3. it depends on how they inplant it and like splinter said theres already feats that you have to master to get the most use out of it
  4. yep jango is the last of the mandalorians and he's killed all to easily by a jedi
  5. no although I don't have the game I enjoy reading spoilers and it seems thats she was only lying, if she dies you don't
  6. do you know if it might be possible when the pc version comes out to play the hk factory on the pc or can it only be used for the xbox?
  7. Maiming, slaughter & wanton carnage? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Precisely <{POST_SNAPBACK}> but what if I want to go light side after inflicting evil and gaining influence gain light side points?
  8. the prima walkthrough sucks its filled with tons of mistakes I could probably could right a better walkthrough
  9. does anyone know where I could find a 6600gt that doesn't cost $400 I heard about a place that had one for $200 but it was a website and I can't remember the name
  10. I think shes in her underwear not completely naked
  11. will a geforce fx 5600 ultra run the game smoothly or will I have to buy a new graphics card... maybe a geforce 6600 gt
  12. do you have to have high repair or computer use also?
  13. I'm guessing that's how he looks if he goes ds
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