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Vrook - Design flaw or bug?

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I just did this guy last night.


I got totally tooled.


I think I might have bugged the game though. I was mostly darkside, even after I released (battled Vrook in the cave where he runs off). Then when I went outside, I lied and told the bounty hunters I would help them, and went and helped the town instead. After an extremely difficult battle, I win, and get to the part where the Administrator is thanking me. Vrook appears next to her. Anyway, I turn down the money, get a bunch of lightside points...then RIGHT after, I'm warped to the front area to fight Vrook. Why he appeared in the place with the administrator first is beyond me, but apparently he still wanted a piece, which was FANTASTIC after just having fought tooth and nail to win the base defense, and being already worn down and low on items.


So in my rather difficult position, I ended up loading a pre-battle save. I set deadly mines where the 2 invasion boss guys would be standing, and the other 3 in the room with Vrook. Then I set a bunch of frag mines where all the other mercenaries would be standing. Anyway, I then launched the battle, and they all nuked themselves on the mines, making finishing them all off a much more simple task. Kill one, run around corner out of sight, heal, repeat. On the very last guy, I loaded up on stims...Battle Stimulant, Hyper Alacrity, Stamina, Strength, and the Ark shielding. Worked over last guy quick, then went to the cutscene with the Administrator. Once I appeared in front of Vrook, he charged me and walked over a mine. I then spammed 'Kill' on him until he was half HP, triggering the next cutscene. Once that was done, I ran away, healed, ran around while hitting him with 'Kill' again until he was about 2/3 hp, then I ran him over the other 2 mines I had placed, and he died.


I must have tried him 20 times before I came up with this desperate plan to not only win the grueling battle beforehand, but then deal with him also.


The trouble is, I *think* since I switched, defended the base, was in the middle of the light/dark spectrum, and Vrook was standing there with the Administrator when she thanked me, I think the fact that I still had to fight him was either a bug, or a flaw in the games design.


I suppose someone could try to write it off as the cost of switching sides, but I don't think what happened was intended, especially considering it WAS NOT FUN in any way, shape or form, and was SO difficult that I nearly restarted the game entirely.

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Also, out of curiousity, how are you supposed to beat this guy legitimately, if you are pure darkside?


No matter what form / stims / items / armor / weapons I'm using, when he hits me 1/3 of my life is gone consistently. There is NO way I could have beat him standing toe to toe with him.


How did all you dark siders beat him (other than walking him over a bunch of mines)?

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I went lightside after failing against him and he gave me some speech that I don't remember and a new force form.


However you shouldn't have to fight him alone. I think I remember switching to my NPC's to make them join the fight.


Actually I think if I remember correctly you can get a new lightside form during your fight with him. Which may be the key to beating him honestly

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I have found it hard to release Vrook. He just sits there in his field and I dont see any button to open the cell cage. It wont let me speak with him either.




Also I am a sith lord and dark do I have to kill all the jedi if I want to remain dark or can I allow them to live and get on Atris's goodside. I want her seduced to the sith and not a stalwart enemy.

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Vrook is just hard. Way harder than Treya or the whistling sith guy.


I had to fight him alone as 15 consular 2 sith lord.


You need to check the combat feedback to see why you are losing to him. Go to the quest menu, hit X, then Y until you get to the combat thing.


What finally worked for me was the following.


Vrook says something like, 'Get ready to die, sith'


I go to the menu

-Try to wear something that resists energy, like red robe.

-Activate mandalorian power shield.

-Give myself hyper strength.

-Give myself hyper stamina.

-Dex/defense doesn't matter because his attack is high enough that he's not going to miss.

-first cast 3rd level force poison spell (affliction?)

-then cast master speed.

-keep the power shield up any time it goes down via meu

-use whatever critical strike you have on Vrook, because the defense loss doesn't matter in his case

-if he heals for any reason cast affliction again


after kreia says whatever it is pause immediately and use regular medpacs until you get back to 100% health, then do exactly what you did last time


I beat him twice because I forgot to save and the game froze.

If I did anything different, he handed me my head.

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Jedi always seem to be harder than Dark Jedi in all Star Wars games. I remember playing through the last levels of JK:JA as both Light and Dark, and the Jedi were just a *lot* harder due to their shielding and healing abilities. Eh, off-topic, but just adding my two cents anyway.


Yeah. I remember baeting Jedi Academy when I was dark side, but I had to fight Kyle Katarn, and it was very hard.

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Yeah. I remember baeting Jedi Academy when I was dark side, but I had to fight Kyle Katarn, and it was very hard.


That fight was great! I actually beat him in a saber lock the first time. I love the Jedi Knight series, but only for the action. Locking lightsabers with Dark Jedi in an action game is the closest we can get to actually doing it for real. Uh, real swordsmanship aside, but I don't know of any sword in existence that can slice a person in half just from falling an inch off a table. :D

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