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  1. by the time I finished dantooine I was a few points shy from the bottom-e.g. yellow eyes and vericose veins. I restarted the game, so my question is mostly directed towards future playthroughs-I don't want to do something that screws up future playthroughs again. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The only criteria I know of is at least level 15, Visas, and a clear LS/DS path. I'd like to think it was some sort of glitch but I think it's just something that we're missing. I converted at level 18 once the only reason to really choose the prestige class so early is so you can build it up since enemies in this game are really hard to come by once you've finished off and area.
  2. You're probably going to need to take a different approach with her on this. When I got her to train as a jedi I had to play to her "good" side. If you have enough influence she'll head down the darkside with you once she agrees to be your apprentice.
  3. Darth Buzz, You need to beat her in three fights then she will agree. Lifthransir Bane, You need to be clearly in the red. You cannot be anywhere close to neutral or she won't offer it to you. Were you red enough to get into the Korriban tomb? Usually that's enough for her to offer it. My first time through the game as a sith lord I had to be RED!! before you gave me the "You can no longer hide what you are" speech.
  4. I finished The Sith Lords yesterday night. I was going to post this yesterday but I wanted to take a moment and think about the game. I had read the post and spoilers on how people were so dissapointed in the story and how it left them on a low note but left an opening for KOTOR II. I don't follow EU to be honest and when it comes to the love for the genre I'm a over eager Jedi Knight. But when it comes to knowlege I'm just a padawan learner. For this reason alone I think the experience was better for me than most of you. I can't get caught up on the derivations from the EU (sense I don't know them). But what I can do is compare this to KOTOR I and also judge this on it's own merits. So here goes. First off and this is what I wanted to remember the most is that this is not KOTOR I. Obsidian has to make sure that this is playable for everyone that didn't play the first one even though it is being catered to that audience. Second and probably most importantly is that this game is a continuation of KOTOR I. So the story has to advance the points of the original even though they want this to stand on it's own. Evidence of this is the constant Revan comparisons and fill in information from the original game. Those two things being said it's my belief that the point of this game was to educate an already educated base of people on the nature of the force. It's point was to make you rethink the difference of religion (Jedi vs Sith [and yes Sith is a religion now as the race has all but died out of the known universe]) and it's application and effects in society. What exactly is evil and what exactly is and who has the right to determine the greater good. The rest of this is going to be wrapped in spoiler tags as to not ruin the experience for anyone that has not purchased it (PC Users) or completed the experience. Now I have to admit I was waiting for a "I am your Father" or a you are Darth Revan moment and to be honest I got it just not in the way that I expected. Let me say this out side the spoiler tag so that this post has meaning to people who don't read the spoilers. This game isn't about Revan no matter who many references they make to him. It's about the force, how and why it was used the way it was used. The loss of connection, KOTOR I characters, all just space to make it interesting to the original KOTOR folks. After playing the game the only thing I questioned was the force. I didn't say WTF once. Also for reference here's how my game ended. I know that most of you are going to seriously criticize this post. Please go right ahead. But this game was everything I dreamed of except for all the bugs. I suspect they will be fixed once this game makes the Platinum Series, they might even throw in some additional content. I have email notifications turned on. I have to go to work today so I won't be able to check this tomorrow. I'm a software engineer and we're right in the middle of our final user acceptance testing. So I reply to the general oppinion tomorrow evening. Happy playing! I'm playing it again this time light side but before I depart something to consider: There is no ls/ds penalty for force powers if you're neutral, why do you think that is. Also try playing this game like Fable it will add to the experience.
  5. I went lightside after failing against him and he gave me some speech that I don't remember and a new force form. However you shouldn't have to fight him alone. I think I remember switching to my NPC's to make them join the fight. Actually I think if I remember correctly you can get a new lightside form during your fight with him. Which may be the key to beating him honestly
  6. Visas Marr is a mandatory character. You get either Disciple or Handmaiden (I believe it has do with your characters sex) I have two games going one as a male jedi (LS) and one as a female(DS) and it seems to fit my theory.
  7. Lord Satasn, Is this confirmed. ** Spoiler warning for anyone else reading this thread **
  8. Lord Satasn, How did you get that Prestige Class. I thought I had the necessary preqs based off of the Prima Strategy guide sample chapter on Lucas Arts KOTOR II Website. I'm a level 18 Consular, Have Visas (Spelling?) and I'm Dark side although not fully. I spoke to Kreia on the Ebon Hawk still nothing. Can you give me some advise.
  9. The following is from the Prima Guide: *** Spoiler Warning **** I'm at the now and had said member on my team. I'm on neutral alignment so I suspect that is why I don't have the option to pick one yet. Also I've been told that with this game there is no Level Cap. Not sure if that's true or not.
  10. I met her on Dantoine. Right before I beat the level.
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