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Battle Royale


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Has anyone seen this film? Its an ultraviolent version of Lord of the Flies with a class of Japanese kids taken out of a dystopian society and placed on an island with the challenge of being the last one alive by the end of 3 days. They are all given unique weapons and basically spend the film killing each other in blood-soaked ways and reflecting on their lives. I didn't understand some of what was going on, thats not unusual for my attention-challenged self, but I would highly recommend giving this film a watch. Beat Takeshi stars as their teacher, who I only know from the show Takeshi's castle although I've heard he's made some excellent gangster films.

We now bring you live footage from the World Championship Staring Final.



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Its fun, its silly, its gory, its weird -everything a japenese film should be.



..there's a sequel but apparently is hasnt made its way from asia yet

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