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Neverending Nights - Machinima.

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Neverending Nights - Episode 18: Pepper Flavored? - A mere 18 megs in size - this short episode has our heroes meet an old friend from a previous episode! Also, that old friend apparently knows the location of... The Dragon? Could it be? Are the pieces all falling into place? As we draw closer and closer to Episode 21 - Season One's big ending - it looks like our heroes are on the right trail after all... And it only cost them like... five gold.


As a side note - there was an assortment of issues with using the original footage Adam had provided me. So most of it is refilmed, and limited to one computer, vs the four we normally use for Adam's. But I was lazy, impatient, and bored, so I didn't want to refilm it. So I think filming wise, it's a weak episode (because it's done by me, rather than Adam who has a good eye for what makes a good shot - but thankfully, it's short - so it shouldn't be too painful).


You can comment over here.





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Two things!


If you enjoy Neverending Nights, and you enjoy MONOPOLY - well, we have just the answer for you! How about a Unofficial Neverending Nights Monopoly Game where you could use a pebble to "Kick Rocks" as a piece and use a blue (or green) dice to represent the "Ice Cube Monster" as a piece - rather than a boot, dog, or race car?


Sounds crazy, I know! But have you seen our videos? We are that crazy!


Speaking of our videos and crazy!


Well, I had a free moment (between packing - in case we ever friggin' move!) - and got a little itchy. Didn't have everything for Episode 19 ready yet, so I looked to do something with the old footage.


I ended up making a "Recap/Teaser" about Season One with hints about Season Two.


Neverending Nights - Recap - (35.7 Megs, 8:15 in length) - there's nothing really new to be found here. And the music (Carmen Buana - O! Fortuna may tend to get a bit... bothersome as I cut and looped the music - and 8 minutes of intense music may wear and tear on the nerves). But like I said, I needed a small break from packing and this was the result. Feel free to download it and do what you will.



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Well, who would have thought this day would ever come?! But yes - ladies and gentlemen! (Well, no real gentlemen come to this site... but anyway!) - I present to you - Neverending Nights - Episode 19: A Little Magic! (27.1 Megs - Right Click - Save As...) A small amount of disk space for about 7 minutes of NeN goodness! It just makes the world a better place, doesn't it? What's in store for this episode? Well, you won't believe when - ... You know. You have waited long enough. I don't want to spoil anything for you. So why don't you just go ahead and download it and enjoy, eh?



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The Holidays have come to an end, and all too early, the cracking of the whip of Real Life Jobs reminds us that we're not independantly wealthy! (Well, most of us aren't... myself included!)


And with that, and all the family visiting out of the way, the time to work on Episode 20 of Neverending Nights is finally at hand!


What - you thought we forgot - this close to the end of the first season?


No way! Life's just been hectic for the holidays!


Work on Episode 20 begins tomorrow! All the filming and audio is done - it's merely a matter of cutting, splicing, and dicing it all together!


We hope to have a release this Weds!

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Well, I knew it would come down to this. Adam, the lazy ass that he is, with his lame excuses has been booted from FNBH Productions. And I noticed, as soon as I booted his candy little rump, production at the offices of FNBH Studios nearly tripled! And as a result, I am able to stand here, and tell you - at long last - Episode 20 has been completed! And more so, Episode 20 is now available for release!


So come get you some much needed NeN goodness!


Neverending Nights - Episode 20: Variety is the Spice of Life... (Right Click, Save As... 26.1 Megs)! In this episode, Peter and Grayson discuss the matters of money and how to spend it - and from where they stand - they can see the "Dragon Cave!" The end of their quest is nearly at hand! Meanwhile, not too far away in the Plains of Desolation, Andrea and Daniel make an appearance and explain why they're there - and run into some... unexpected company! A mere 26.1 Megs of goodness! You know you want to download it!




PS: Unfortunately, I had to rehire Adam for the FNBH Studios staff, as the Studio is at his house, as is the recording equipment, with a slight fact that he pays for the domain (hey, do I still owe you for this year?!), and because, no matter how lazy he is - and no matter how much of a delay he causes Episodes to be released - he's still an all right guy.


I guess.

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This thread is a tad out of date... but we have just begun Season Two!



Hello folks! For those of you who have not sponsored and have been waiting on pins and needles since last week - it's officially Tues and that means it's officially time for you to be able to do what you have waited all your life to do!


To vote? No! Better than that!


To drink? No! Better than that!


To have sex? No! Better than that!


Well, maybe not better than that last one...


But it's time for you to be able to download - the VERY first episode of Season Two of Neverending Nights!


Yes, that's right folks.


It's time for you to be able to download some more Peter the Ranger action! (Oh, for those few fans that enjoy Grayson the Fighter Side Kick - yes, he's in this episode too!)


Find out what happens when Peter the Ranger and Grayson the Fighter confront ... The Dragon of Ator!


Things for our two heroes - never seem to go right. So what could possibly go wrong this time? And against a dragon?


Remember how Season One's Cliff Hanger Ended - Well, here it is - the answer to it all!


What's that?


Stop rambling and just give you the URL to download the episode!


Well fine then!


Neverending Nights - Episode 22: This is Dragon On Too Long (Right Click... Save As... 18.4 Megs)


After you finish watching it, please feel free to head to our forum and let us know what you think of the episode in the Episode 22 Video Thread!

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Are you going to convert making your episodes to nwn2 perchance?

Admin of World of Darkness Online News

News/Community site for the WoD MMORPG



Jericho sassed me so I broke into his house and stabbed him to death in his sleep. Problem solved. - J.E. Sawyer


"I cannot profess to be a theologian; but it seems to me that Christians who believe in a super human Satan have got themselves into a logical impasse with regard to their own religion. For either God can not prevent the mischief of Satan, in which case he is not omnipotent; or else He could do so if he wished, but will not, in which case He is not benevolent. Fortunately, being a pagan witch, I am not called upon to solve this problem."

- Doreen Valiente


Expecting "innovation" from Bioware is like expecting "normality" from Valve -Moatilliatta

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Are you going to convert making your episodes to nwn2 perchance?


For NEVERENDING NIGHTS, we are not. We toyed with the idea, made the models, and thought it was too drastic of a change. But for NWN2, you can look up NEVERENDING DAZE on Atari or Bioware/NWN2's website and see what we created there. It's also on YOUTUBE. :-

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Lots of news...


First, awhile ago we moved providers. In the process we had to revamp the entire site.




As well as our forums:




In the process our "Cast" page was also changed: http://www.neverendingnights.com/necast


As well as the silly character profiles: http://www.neverendingnights.com/nenprofiles


Updated our FAQ & History Page: http://www.neverendingnights.com/about


Our video page was also changed: http://www.neverendingnights.com/nenvideos


Or you can watch them on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/NeverendingNights


Follow us on Twitter with updates about Season 3: http://www.twitter.com/nen_updates


And check us out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nevere...ts/45360726865


We were on the Neverending Nights PodCast - myself and Travis in one, then Travis for his music in another - read about that here: http://www.neverendingnights.com/archives/26


Neverending Nights Season 3 is slated to begin Mid to End of Feb 2010.


Prepare for the beginning of the end.

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Am I the only one who finds this guys enduring enthusiam for giving us info disturbing? Especially as nobody here has yet to show even remote interest for his works. :thumbsup:

Yo Neverending Nights, I'm real happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Neverwinter Nights are the best nights of all time!

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Am I the only one who finds this guys enduring enthusiam for giving us info disturbing? Especially as nobody here has yet to show even remote interest for his works. :lol:

Yo Neverending Nights, I'm real happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Neverwinter Nights are the best nights of all time!



See... now at least THAT'S funny! (Should have hired you as one of our writers...!) :lol:




Rather than link everything - I will copy and paste the text...


Travis Richards who you probably know as NeN

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Tonight I met with my oldest friend (not oldest as in age!) Charles Stevens. He voices the lines of a new character in the series who is an Astral Traveler and helps guide our would be heroes for an episode. His wife, Tammy did the voice of our resident Seer who has glimpsed the future of our would be heroes. Their son Matthew plays the role of a young Page to a great warrior by the name of John the Journeyman (played by Alex Dartnall). And finally, their eldest (their daughter) Samantha (

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Just completed recording the lines with Amiee (the wife) for her role as Amiee the Armorer. Adam and Amanda had to reschedule recording time to this Saturday. So with any luck we can get that done. Shooting for the first week of March as the first release for the new episode of the Season because of this small delay! But still pretty much on track!


- Tawmis





Yesterday, Adam and Amanda showed up for the recording session! We began at 11am

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Quite a few new episodes since this post...


First to explain the one thing you may not know - "Machinima." In short, the easy answer, is filming within a game's enviroment, manipulating it, voicing over, and doing something extra with it (like making little segments, videos, etc).


The most popular Machinima out there, without a doubt is RedvsBlue (I won't even link their website - because it should be obvious) - but that's not who I want to talk about! I want to talk about Neverending Nights which uses the Neverwinter Nights game engine from Bioware to create a series.


Personally my favorite is that Peter the Ranger character. He's so sauve. So cool. So funny. He's all around the best character. His side kick Grayson is all right.


I figured I'd open up its own thread. I know people aren't always keen to going to yet another new forum - so if anyone watches our episodes - they can comment here.


The first 10 episodes are rough. In the first five, we try SEVERAL different filming styles, and video capturing styles. In the first five, we're also using a cheap $9.99 mic. But Episode 10 we were using my Karokee machine through my PC because the sound was infinitely better. By episode 16 (or 17) - we had bought Shure Mics (200 bucks a pop), plus a full audio/digital converter, built a mini studio in a garage and gone the whole 9 yards with it.


It's paid off, as I said before, because of PC GAMER UK, interviewed by Bioware on their site, Atari contracts, NWN2 for free (plus the expansion) all before it came out, entrance to E3 for free under Atari's badge, entrance to the San Diego Comic Con for free as professionals, etc etc etc.


So if you're interested - head to the site - download the videos (all for free) - like I said just keep in mind the first 10 are pretty rough - and the entire Season 1 ended up being a HUGE learning processes so that Season 2 (all available for free to download also) was much better all around.


Our website - neverendingnights.com


Facebook Page


Our Youtube Channel


Our Twitter Page


And I have to link Travis Richard's Page since he did so much incredible music for us in Season 3, that really put this series over the top!


If you download the episodes, I'd recommend checking out our Video Page, which has writer comments and talks about the episodes (especially the first 10 episodes, when we were still learning how to make these...)






Episode 01: Heroes?!


Episode 02: 20k?!


Episode 03: Come On Baby Light My Fire...


Episode 04: A Walk In The Woods...


Episode 05: Ye Salty Dog!


Episode 06: He's A Magic Man!


Episode 07: Things That Make You Go... Boom?


Episode 08: On Borrowed Gold...


Episode 09: It's Not The Size (That Matters...)


Episode 10: Racial Benefits


Episode 11: Deep, Dark, Revenge (This Is How We Roll!)


Episode 12: Where There Is Smoke...


Episode 13: In And Out, A Hero's Tale


Episode 14: Here Comes The Sand Again


Episode 15: Reach Out With Your Feelings...


Episode 16: Dessert City?


Episode 17: Heroes Bar & Keep And...?


Episode 18: Pepper Flavored?


Episode 19: A Little Magic!


Episode 20: Variety Is The Spice Of Life... And Death!


Episode 21: Accumulation!





Episode 22: This is 'Dragon' Too Long.


Episode 23: Oh How I Treasure... Treasure!


Episode 24: The Watchful Eye


Episode 25: The New Recruits


Episode 26: Reunited And It Feels So Good.


Episode 27: Even Ghosts Have Racial Benefits?


Episode 28: The Light At The End of the Tunnel


Episode 29: The Plan.


Episode 30: Good Elf... Bad Elf?


Episode 31: Side Effect May Vary...


Episode 32: Employment Opportunities


Episode 33: There Be Pirates!


Episode 34: Barking Up The Wrong Tree


Episode 35: This Is Bull$#!+


Episode 36: Mind Over Matter (Not That I Don't Have A Mind - It Doesn't Matter!)


Episode 37: Crime Does Not Pay


Episode 38: Mandatory Flashbacks


Episode 39: Confessions of a Blade


Episode 40: Something's Not Quite Right...


Episode 41: Something Wicked This Way Comes...


Episode 42: Oh Mother Dearest...




Episode 43: Got Time To Kill?


Episode 44: Seeing The Unseen


Episode 45: A Friend In Need


Episode 46: Dude, Where's My Sword?


Episode 47: A New Hope


Episode 48: The Assassin Strikes Back!


Episode 49: The Return of the Goblins


Episode 50: Destiny or Chance?


Episode 51: Wanted - Dead Or Alive.


Episode 52: These Aren't The Heroes We're Looking For


Episode 53: Forging Destiny


Episode 54: Back By (Somewhat) Popular Demand


Episode 55: All Time 'Lowe'...


Episode 56: Funkafied!


Episode 57: Pawn of the Dead (... or Grave Situation... Again!)


Episode 58: VisionQuest


Episode 59: These Are My Confessions


Episode 60: But I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter


Episode 61: Reunited And It Feels So Good (Wait... Didn't We Use That Title Last Season?!)

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"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

             -Elwood Blues


tarna's dead; processing... complete. Disappointed by Universe. RIP Hades/Sand/etc. Here's hoping your next alt has a harp.

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It's kinda sad that this thread is 7 years old. For 7 years, continuing on without getting any feedback or replies... Life is such a fragile thing. I think I've learned a lot from this thread.

Edited by Winterwolf

Enough with the dancing clown.

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It's kinda sad that this thread is 7 years old. For 7 years, continuing on without getting any feedback or replies... Life is such a fragile thing. I think I've learned a lot from this thread.


Well between post 33 and 34 (on this page) there was 3 years, mostly because I totally forgot to go around posting about it. But in relation to Obsidian and NWN2 which Obsidian did...


Some others that we did (Atari brought us on to help promote NWN2 before it was being released)...





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Grayson the Fighter, Peter the Ranger, Amiee the Armorer, Ruth the Redeemed and Pawl the Dorf reach <B>The Forge of Eternal Flame.</B> Learning what Pawl has from Sammy the Smith, Pawl must forge The Blade of Destiny anew as the heroes prepare for the ultimate and final battle against the fabled <B>Dragon of Silver Lake.</B> Is the Dragon of Silver Lake dead, like all the rumors say? Or is the Dragon Of Silver Lake alive, and luring heroes to their death with promises of massive treasure (from a dragon that many think is dead)! These questions will soon be answered; and everything will be made very clear - very soon!

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9 (nine!) years in the making?


My hat's off to you, my good sir.

"Some men see things as they are and say why?"
"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."
- Friedrich Nietzsche


"The amount of energy necessary to refute bull**** is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."

- Some guy 

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