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Neverending Nights - Machinima.

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Great job - I actually remember this from back in 2004. Must be good to be finished.


It does; but it's kind of sad at the same time. I delayed making that last episode for QUITE some time knowing that it would be the end; and wrap up the entire story of Peter and Grayson - all the pieces would fall into place and be done.



9 (nine!) years in the making?


My hat's off to you, my good sir.


Thanks! (I couldn't figure out how to do multiple quotes, but didn't want to do one post per reply here!) It was a long, fun, and VERY adventerous 9 years! When I first started this - I did it just to get a story out of my head, and have a unique game engine to tell it through. When it got PC GAMER'S attention, and then interview with Bioware, then hired by Atari to do NWN2 stuff, then getting child hood heroes of mine to do voices in the series - it was this landslide of incredible things I had NEVER expected to happen.

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