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  1. I've not been around to update the last few episodes (last one in the thread is 37, but I've done 38, 39, 40, 41 and now...) This one has it all. Episode 42 marked the Season Finale for Season 2 of our series. This episode reveals things about the Crimson Draco Mother, the Sword, and the Mysterious Figure haunting Grayson's dreams! Hang on tight kids! (And don't forget to share!)
  2. Maybe it is me, mate. That's why I figured I'd post - see if others gave POEII a second play through and did not find it as engaging. I don't think anyone is saying that (well, maybe someone is, somewhere, but everyone in this thread, including me, all seem to be saying we enjoyed POEII - and a few, like me, though enjoying it, found a few things off about it). Now, there's no way it falls short of expectations (for me), or else I wouldn't have bothered with a second play through attempt. I will say I talked about the first Pillars of Eternity more than I did the second one to co-workers and such. Perhaps because the entire world was brand new so I was rambling about the cool things I had discovered. It's like a band who releases their first album, and it's amazing; but their following albums never match up, perhaps because you're familiar with their sound, and it's not "new." I loved Pillars of Eternity II, immensely so. The first time I played it, I was literally coming home, eating dinner, then playing until I fell asleep at the keyboard. This is what I did with the first Pillars of Eternity, as well, once I got into it. The first one, however, I did several different plays (making different choices). I am merely saying the second time I played Pillars of Eternity II, I didn't seem to be enjoying it as much as the first time (or even equally as much as my additional play-throughs of the original). I am in no way knocking the game - it's amazing. Plain and simple. Even with all the changes to the game. I still enjoyed it. I just didn't get into the replay of it. Which is common in many games, really.
  3. I think some of it is that POE exploring is on land; it changed quite a bit. POEII exploring, a lot of it is the open sea; where it doesn't change much. You find the occasional island, but then it's just your face, unless there's a specific encounter. Like even searching the buildings, it just says, "You find XYZ. Continue searching?" (As far as I can tell there was no ill effect of continuing your search until you found nothing else). So this lack of seeing my characters, I think takes me out of the game, as they're exploring islands in this method. That's actually a good point about world exploration competing with the game play. I think because POEII did feel much bigger (could be because the ships sail slower). Don't get me wrong; there were a lot of aspects of the world exploring I did like. I did enjoy being able to name a few islands I discovered whatever I wanted to. That's kind of a fun thing. And I liked that you would find resources in the water too. I have a few new games (and old games) I've not played yet; but I plan on diving back into POEII (probably with a new character, since the replay character, I wasn't feeling). For me, I think the pacing is what was off. I thought the idea (the giant statue/living god) was a cool idea, and a great build off of the first game. But it seemed like that was extremely urgent - but then you spend your time exploring the whole world before going back and thinking, "Oh yeah, I need to save the world now that I have explored every corner of it." I know my description makes it difficult to see why I'd feel the way I do - and that's why I said I can't nail down what's wrong. Because I loved Deadfire, make no mistake. But if compared to the first Pillars of Eternity, it doesn't come close. I think this sums up nicely what I was trying to say. See, for me - the party members didn't seem as fleshed out in Deadfire. Maybe because I didn't engage with them enough; but I explored the entire game, all the corners, everything, maxed out my levels before going to finish the game. So I feel like I engaged, gave gifts, as much as I could. I think the main problem is that from the start - the first (main) quest that you get is "world ending." So why would you do anything else other than immediately chase after him? So all the little quests that you do in between, are not logical. Oh, the quests are great - in between. I agree. As for the DLC, I have it - but not played it yet. I loaded POEII after installing the DLC and could not tell where to go. I think I sailed around for a moment, but then got side tracked and never found where the Beast of Winter resides. I think POE1 was considerably more difficult than POEII. Off the top of my head, the woman in the swamp with the two dragons and then dragon at the bottom of the 15th floor dungeon (of your keep) are two memorable fights that were insanely difficult for me. I did beat them and I felt super accomplished when I did - but it took a few tries. I don't think there were any fights in POEII where I was like, "Yup, I am not winning this..." or "I need to come back after I get some levels." I am without a doubt, growing old. But definitely not too old to enjoy these games. I am still playing a wide assortment of CRPG (and non CRPG) games and play D&D once or twice a month. So my advanced maturity is not the issue. ;-) I realize this is subjective (in regards of enjoyment) - was posting to see if others were feeling like I was. As for Obsidian and the game - it's not like I am knocking POE as a franchise. So it's clearly "moar Baldurz Gate" (which, I've only ever played once start to finish, unlike the first POE, which I even said I have replayed several times). So I am not sure I understand your dig at me in that entire second paragraph. And as for enjoying POEII, I am happy you're giddy! I never said it was a bad game! I enjoyed it - just nowhere near as much as the first one.
  4. I enjoyed Pillars of Eternity II, good enough. It had open seas, great sea shanties when the crew was in a good mood. Fun little areas to explore. But there was something that felt off. And if I was asked to say what, I struggle to explain what it is. When I first played Pillars of Eternity (the first one), it took me a bit to get into it. At first I was just going through the motions, because I felt completely lost (and I wasn't sure if it was because it wasn't me understanding something) or because the character was also at a loss. The first Pillars of Eternity feels like you're starting on the second game, at the beginning. But it doesn't take long for that to change - I was suddenly knee deep in lore and obsessed with the game. I beat it three times, different difficulties, different choices, keeping different party members with me. While I enjoyed Pillars of Eternity II, start to finish; it didn't pull me in like the first one did. I beat it the first time, and started a second play through with an entirely different race and class, and was making different choices (siding this time with some darker choices), but it didn't hold me. I got as far as the bath houses, and stopped there on my second play through. I am not sure what's missing, but I feel like something is? Maybe it's the idea of having (because I am obsessive) to explore all of the oceans (I decided not to use the "achievement" unlock to have the seas already set with the fog of war removed). Maybe it's because after I got the first expansion, I couldn't easily find where I was supposed to go (where as on Pillars of Eternity, the first one, a new spot appears easily identifiable on the map). What are your thoughts?
  5. Didn't post links to 35 and 36, but now I am on 37... At long last... Episode 37 (HD) - Crime Does Not Pay. In this episode... not many characters are safe, as Death sweeps through the cast of characters, claiming several lives before this episode ends... who will survive? Peter? Grayson? Pawl? All? None? Who? WHO? Well. Watch the video (over and over and over and over) and see who will survive! And download: http://neverendingnights.com/archives/3473 Facebook link
  6. Let me know if you need a save game that has this issue if it helps.
  7. Yup! Equiping the Druid with a rod has stopped him from just charging into battle. But, by Adra's Illumination do spells take a long time to cast - even now that I am able to control my druid much better. Even those first level spells! I never did that the first time I played; because my ranger was fine rushing into battle. But playing a druid, I am finding that the pause trick is working better for trying to get spells cast... I've been wondering why they're suicidal like that as well... Also why - when a trap is spotted - they insist on still walking over it because I had clicked past the trap before it was spotted. You'd think they'd stop from walking across a spotted trap. I am not sure what you're missing (that everyone else picked up on) - but the issue was the druid was rushing into battle (and as I said, I never did the caster, so I wasn't sure why he was - despite setting the AI and what not to be passive) - and that I wasn't aware clicking the attack would over ride that AI. But your... feedback... is noted... and I am thankful other folks in the thread understood me quite clearly and helped me resolve the problem of me not understanding a specific mechanic to the game without coming across so... unique.
  8. Ah, that makes sense... It's odd (because when I did my previous game, Aloth always stayed behind and cast spells)... But that's probably because... ... he always had a wand/rod in his hand. So that makes sense. I can't remember what my druid is equipped with (I think it's a dagger)... so that'd explain his blood lust of running up and wanting to poke people. I've tried this. You can even ask my wife. She will vouch for me. :D I think the ranged weapon thing will do the trick... going to try that now. By the Deadfire! I never noticed that little thing... I always thought it was decoration of the UI...! English is indeed my primary language... everyone else seemed to get what I was saying. Essentially when I clicked attack - I want my druid to hang back and not rush up and either stab or melee punch the enemy. The suggestion of a distance attack weapon is probably going to resolve my issue.
  9. Okay - so I beat the game already with my ranger and his wolf companion... So I thought I'd try something different. I'd go for a spell casting type - like a Druid (it's one step away from a Ranger). Now.. the problem I am having is - when combat starts, I am clicking on the foe to tell the party to attack - my druid is running up there - whether he has swords or fists - to physically attack. I set his AI to "Cautious Druid" and "Passive" - so I figured he would NOT attack. This would give me an opportunity during combat to try some spells (which I never even used with my Ranger... literally did Ranger originally to have my wolf companion). But no matter what - my Druid rushes into combat. The only way I've gotten around this is - clicking the target - then clicking my druid (so only he's selected), click away from direct melee, then click him again to cast a spell - and oh, look. The party already killed the monster. From time to time, when my druid shifts to bear form and gets knocked out - he stands up (before combat is over) - as if he were "alive" - but can't do anything. (Similar to monsters/mobs you kill, who die - but stay standing up). But this happens so randomly, it's nearly impossible to replicate to see exactly what's causing it.
  10. I have the four songs as a playlist on my iPhone. Can you believe they put the option to turn off shanties in the sound menu because they weren't sure if people would like them?? The only options they should have is "Shanties" and "More Shanties" Agreed. I'd like a posse following me around the Deadfire, even while I am on land singing those shanties.
  11. I see that as well - especially once the spells start flying. Same stuff with me. While all battles I had on the ground were well then when I try to ship-to-ship combat it becomes insane freezing and sometimes it takes 4-5 sec between action. I really hope it'll be fixed with the patch is coming. I suspect this is because during land battles the graphics are (other than the characters), pretty static... however, in ship to ship - it's got to render the ocean moving every single second, so it's more graphically intense.
  12. First, I forgot to comment on your OOTS avatar. Excellent choice, Rogue. It's funny you mention doing pirate stuff - because, I do happen to have an obsession with pirates. My little corner of the pirate sea. For the difficulty - have you tried adjusting the difficulty level? There's like... five?... different difficulty modes? As for Pillars of Eternity III... I dearly hope there is one... because the first two have been incredible... there's a few bugs I reported with PoEII... and the only thing I can honestly say I don't like (that they changed) was the Grimoire system... the original version was the best... so if they do a PoEIII, I hope they either go back to that or find a balance between that and what they did in PoEII... (and even that's not a game breaker for me, because I don't play wizards; only impacted me when trying to figure out to use them for Aloth)... but my question asking how those dang things worked in PoEII generated a 3 page thread with people seeming to all agree that the Grimoire system in PoEII wasn't a good change. Me as a pirate (pretty much in this costume every Halloween) with my friend, Colleen, dressed as X-23 (from the pages of X-Men):
  13. Heh - I loved that others added to the character's thoughts on naming the island with the "Island Name" thing. Thank you all! :D
  14. Agreed! My wife cracks me up. Because my obsession with PoE (the first one), I'd always say, "Got to go save the world." So with PoEII, when I got home, she'd just look at me and say, "You going to go save the world?" My response, "They need me."
  15. 1. Load times were long; but black screen? It should have a load screen that talks about Fortitude, Penetration, etc.? Granted with enough load screens you have read them all fairly quickly in the game. But it was never overbearing to me. 2. I loved the interaction. In terms of Maia, I always assumed , the best thing to do was try to romance you, so you would be smitten with her 3. I thought the game did a good job of showing the damage done by the "statue" on various islands. And everyone is seeing this as an opportunity to better their position. Very real... 4. Got to disagree about the quests. 5. I thought the language was great! It added a whole new level for me. It didn't take me long to get to remember what words meant what. For me, that actually added immersion into the game. 6. Ship combat... Okay. You got me there. I tired the first six times to do ship combat by firing cannons and doing it the right way... then I just started doing the 2nd option of ramming ships side to side and fighting that way... way more satisfactory that way, anyway, I felt.
  16. ... and thoroughly enjoyed it. Another absolute success, I dare say! And with that ending (not going to say it!) - I am hoping that means we have a Pillars of Eternity III in the works? The only problem I had with Pillars of Eternity II (other than a few bugs I posted in the bug forum) was... not being able to move. Oh. Not in the game. I mean, getting my arse up to do anything else put play Pillars of Eternity II. I was getting up early (and rather than running on my treadmill, which I should be doing), I was using that time to play Pillars of Eternity II... then I'd get home, wife would watch her reality shows (where I normally read out in the living room with her), I escaped to my computer room to keep playing Pillars of Eternity II... sailed every nook and cranny on the map so there was no "fog of war" anywhere... did every quest I could (that I found)... but still missing some things I know (there's an NPC that can be picked up that the ending told me about - but I was like, "Um, said person was never a part of my crew!") I love the lore you guys have provided in this game. I literally want a Pen & Paper version of this game... Just to keep playing it while I wait for (possible?) DLCs to keep playing it...
  17. "Watcher, I find your lack of creativity... unsettling." - Aloth "The... Republic... wishes you would name it something more... fitting, Watcher." - Pallegina "Well ain't that name a hoot!" - Xoti "Island Name, Watcher? I think you nailed it." - Maia "Rest assured cap'n, I ain't seen nothin' so uncreative since me time aboard the Big Boat. And, let me tell ya about it..." - Serafen "Like the ebb and flow of the ocean... that name... crashes over me..." - Tekēhu
  18. So just like the first Pillars of Eternity... you start this whole thing ... all alone... so at the tavern you can stop and pay to get some hired guns to give you a buffer until you recruit some "legitimate NPCs" into your party... Now something that happened when I played POEII (I made several hired guns, named after my friends) - and when my party reached the max it could hold (active and "on the ship") - one by one my creations disappeared without warning when I added someone new recruited into the game. Which meant some equipment I put on them also vanished without warning. Not a big deal - but a dialogue box would be nice to warn you. I am not even sure what the max is for your "reserved" party.
  19. Check again and you will be happy to know that they are included in the soundtrack. Note, that the soundtrack is huge (it would fill 2 CDs) and I believe they are near the end of it. Plus, they are also on youtube....not that I've played them while working or anything.... Ah ha! I hadn't gotten that far listening to the soundtrack! And sure enough there they are! Time to make a play list...!
  20. I love the Sea Shanties - Like LOVE them - and I don't think they're a part of the regular soundtrack (need to go back through it and check) - if they're not - has anyone - or does anyone - know how to extract them? I'd actually love to throw them onto my iPhone and sing'em when I am stuck in traffic! :D
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