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  1. definitely joining the begging for a new NWN game. A propper nwn2 remake and a nwn3 would be amazing!!
  2. NWN 2 was an amazing game. Would buy a propper remake straight away and definitely backup a kickstarer project for NWN3
  3. I would buy NWN2 remake and definitely would join kickstarter for NWN 3
  4. Just replayed Tyranny, Pillars and a whole bunch of other epic games. But what I want to play the most for the is a new Forgotten Realms adventure! NWN 3 or a remake of NWN 2 would be amazing!
  5. Dear Obsidian, Waiting for NWN 3 for such a long time, please make it happen!!!! NWN 1 and 2 where so enjoyable, great story's and characters. Or a good remaster will do for the time being In both cases I would like it to be real time with pause and not a turn based combat system. Really had a amazing time playing Pillars 1 and 2, Tyranny and many more of your games. Hope the time comes for a new Forgotten Realms adventure soon.
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