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Is KOTOR 2 a true sequel?

Is KOTOR 2 a true sequel?  

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  1. 1. Is KOTOR 2 a true sequel?

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Most previews are stating that Obsidian have created a whole new atmosphere, and continuing the story of Revan at the same. So one can easily say that it's a true sequel.

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Hrmm Yes, it is a sequel, BUT... because it is typically the same game with GREAT modifications made ( upon people's comments on KOTOR ). So, I don't think it to be a sequel. Just another chapter in a GREAT rpg series. Playing Kotor is like reading a novel.


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It's not a true sequel, a true sequel would resume the roll of revan, but it is not an addon pack, a sequel none the less, just not a true sequel


Wouldn't that just make it an add on pack then if it continued with the same character?

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In a way I see KotOR 2 as a story of its own. As I understand the definition of a sequel, it is continuing the story established that was established previously.


Come to think of it I think KotOR 2 fits best for me as a spin-off. It is the same setting and timeline as the original (Few years after) and it includes cameos and other characters from the original in larger roles. However it is not the same story, KotOR was Revan's story in the backdrop of Malak's war, that story ended and those characters' point of view is not the focus of this game. Had Revan and co been the focus of this story then yes it would have been a sequel but since the protagonists of the original are not the protagonists here then I do not see this as a sequel.


KotOR 2 does have all the elements of a spin-off. There are some original characters here joining the new group, it's using the same universe and a timeframe equivalent to the lifetime of the originals, it's focus is a different story, other original characters appear in cameos to sort of pass the baton to the new group as we find out their fates. So in my opinion KotOR 2 is not a sequel it's a spin-off (Something like the difference between the Star Trek shows whose timelines where contemporary with each other).

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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne is an expansion pack. It has a new story, new characters, new features, and uses the same engine. So what is the definition of a true sequel?


The Frozen Throne does not have a new story. It's still about Arthas corruption. KotOR II, however, is not about Revan's corruption.


Wow. A lot of people get corrupted in computer games.

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to those of u who say its an expansion pack ur idiots!! its not the same story as b4 and not the same cast the game is different than the first. its not like they just added a couple more worlds and said "here were not gonna make a "true" sequel were just givin u more of the original"

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I think Craftsman has the right idea.


Yeah, I know that a sequel isn't necessarily defined by the premise of a new engine, but let's face it folks; most sequels do utilize a new engine.


Also, where does one draw the line where the "more of the same" formula deviates from the style that made the original, to that of its own game?

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with an rpg tho which is story orientated as oppoesed to gameplay orientated like an fps (dont ne1 bother saying fps hav storys and rpgs hav gameplay im just saying each one leans towards different aspects of gaming) therefore if an rpg that is a supposed sequel has a new storyline surely its a 'true' sequel?

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The definition of a sequel entails a continuation of the story and journey of the characters that appeared in the preceding or original game. KotOR 2 does not do this thus it is not a true sequel. This is a sequel in name and that it is in the same era.


For this to have been a sequel it would be necessary to have one of two elements:


1) The original story was unresolved after the end of pt1 and the protagonists were killed so new protagonists take their place trying to finish what they began.


2) The original story was resolved but the original characters return on a new adventure thus continuing to follow their journeys.


KotOR 2 does not have either of those two elements, so I don't see it as a sequel.


Like I said before though, KotOR 2 has all the elements of a spin-off. It is set during the same time period, it has some originals returning to join the group and some in cameos passing the torch from the first group to the new one, the story is related to the original one though it isn't the same.


KotOR 2 is not an expansion and it is not a sequel, it's a spin-off from the original.

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Neither is KOTOR 2...


if we still had Revan as the PCr then it would be.


From what we know up to now it seems like a different story which occurs 5 years after the events in KOTOR. Thus it is hardly a sequel..

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NEW charachters NEW storyline


KoToRfReAk, this alone makes it NOT a sequel. True sequels are not independent stories and characters from before, the whole point of a sequel is that it is a continuation of what you saw in the first one. Sequels have either the continuation of the same story or a new story with the same characters as before.


The new feats, equipment and powers are elements of an expansion. However I do agree with you that this is not an expansion and it is a new game.


But it is not a sequel; aside the title, the Ebon Hawk, a couple of characters and some cameos it has nothing to do with the first one.


This is a spinoff; same universe, same timeline, different characters, different story.

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