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Is it difficult to get in USC?


Yeah or Nope?  

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Nope. Just twist the knob and push. Doors open pretty much the same as any other...



HAHAHA!!! :wub:


Sorry. Just being a smart-ass. I really have no idea.


The best way to find out, to be honest, is to call the admissions office and ask who to speak with in the department for the major you're interested in. That person should be able to tell you:


Average/expected/minimum high school GPA, SAT scores, etc.

If transferring credits, prior college GPA requirements, transferability of similar courses, etc.

If you're of a minority group, you can ask about programs, diversity initiatives, etc, that might aid in improving your odds of acceptance.


One thing about colleges, they expect you to take the initiative. They expect you to make the calls and seek out the people you need to talk to. Knowing college officials (friends, neighbors) they all say that they are more likely to accept a go-getter with a lesser SAT score or GPA than a "smarter" person who blindly applies and flies.

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I meant, in compare with other colleges :p


Anyway, Thank you, I just hoped that someone here knows anything about it.

It's not for me. One of my friends wants to go there, and desperatly needs an advice... before he spend all of his money on a biggest mistake in his life.

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Well, it makes a huge difference whether you're going in as a freshman, transfer, or advance degree student. I have a friend who recently applied to attend Grad school for Classical Studies. She didn't make it, but that department can be a little on the tough side. As far as tuition and fees, it's a private school, so expect to pay.


Grandpa's advice is quite sound. It is imperative that you understand the process, call and talk to the secretaries of the particular department in which you are interested, are willing to glad-hand with the faculty and staff, and generally competent. It greatly helps to have some extra-curricular activities and something to show for yourself outside of academics. Of course, this is general advice for any school.


If you have a good record, it should be much easier to transfer into USC. As far as advanced degrees go, I wouldn't know. I'm not much interested in USC at any rate. I went not long ago to USC for a Classics seminar. I really didn't like the attitude, not only of the faculty, but also the students. ...And they demonstrate the same mid to late twentieth century bias I see from virtually all professors in the field. Rat bastards.


My biggest bit of advice is: go to UCLA. I much prefer it.

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I though they give finanicial aid on a need basis so long as you are accepted your financial needs will be met.

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My biggest bit of advice is: go to UCLA. I much prefer it.


Yes, he has UCLA on the list to apply...

Well, from what I've heard as the son of a UCLA alumni, and the good friend of a USC alumni.....UCLA will give you just as good as an education as USC, for usually a lot less since it's state run and not private, hence more scholorships and other payment options. Although the major perk to going to USC is that it's a private school, and hence makes people look at you better because you paid more for the same education like a chump rather than going to a State run college getting the same education for alot less. Basically, the popular crowd in the adult level. I will say that USC's mascot is cooler (who wants freaking Teddy Bears), and that I hear their parties are wilder.


Back when I was looking to be a psychology major, I wanted to go to USC, but since then those plans have been scrapped in favor of the local JC and then Digipen. ;)

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