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Something about tanks

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Will you ever fix the issue with tanks ghosting/disappearing when in a pve match? For instance you get spotted and you see the npc tanks you engage a heavy for instance you shoot the npc hit them and damage them a couple times but then the tank disappears right when you fire another round so the round hits whatever the background is. Rather annoying since the npc tanks have spotted you and can continue to shoot me, rather unfair in my opinion and should be fixed. And shots in the sides of afv's that do no damage, from a 120mm. The improvements of the AI is amazing, but way to many rounds that do not damage whatsoever.


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Split off to it's own thread, as it's not really related to the original topic posted in. I suspect it's armored warfare related?

If so, you may have to visit the armored warfare developers (link to their forum is further down the list of forum sections)


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13 hours ago, madmexican said:

my post must be approved by a moderator? Seriously, I need to have some sort of permission to post on forums just in case my complaints may hurt someones feelings?

It prevents bots, since you are a new poster. It goes away after you get a few approved. You are free to hurt people's feelings, but no one here made the game. :p 

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23 hours ago, Hurlshort said:

no one here made the game.

I did.

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