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If a Conjurer summon some of these little familiars, well the familiar replace the previous one. But effects still continue to be active, even if the familiar die. Only the PL bonus is removed from the previous familiar.


A brilliant Conjurer preparing his fight

All bonuses are passives and stack with others, for example with Berath Blessing or every Inspirations.

It is very interesting with an Enchanter/ Blood Mage/ Vanilla Wizard — others loose the acces to Conjuration/ Enchanting school — with Minor Grimoire Imprint, to conjure some familiars from level 7 for SC and 10 for MC. It is not a broken thing and against big Bosses, loose a little amount of time at the beginning can be decisive (+12 all defenses, +13 deflection (+10 and +3 from +3resolve), +1pen, +1PL etc)

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7 minutes ago, Constentin Lévine said:

Yes that do, in the screenshot I made my Conjurer chain-cast the familiars. After, you can summon another fantom or other, the bonus are working for the fight duration! 

does this also work if you summon a familiar and then summon a different thing (like phantom) ? or do you have to summon a repeat familiar before you something else to get the buff to stick around?

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