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Refreshing spells and Suppress Affliction & Confused as Beneficial effect!

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All spells and abilities with a duration can be Refreshed by a newest cast of them. For most of them, that doesnt really matter at first view. It is important mainly because the effects can be suspended.

Counfonding Blow deflection malus is preserved when the affliction is refreshed, and in the other side, Beetle Shell when refreshed dont restore the shield part, only the duration. It is the same for Wizard's Double, Ironskin and Dance of Death, and all other spells/abilities like that.

The refreshed duration depend of the initial duration, so a Troubadour who chant in first time in regular modal and after that, switch to Brisk Recitation, is going to refresh the chant duration for the initial longer (with the same chant in loop). That was find by Boeroer.


Suppress Affliction (or Liberating Exhortation and Stelgaer's Restraint (Slayer's Claw) for paladin) for hostile effects and Arcane Dampener (or Shattering (Glacierbane)) for beneficials, suspend (of course) the effects for a duration.

All Afflictions/Inspirations suspended are refreshed instead of overwriting the Suspended effect ; that mean, when hit by Chillfog and Blinded, casting Supress Affliction prevent for his whole duration to be hit by the pulsating blind effect.

These suspending spells/abilities follow the same rule, a newer instance of them when they currently work will refresh them (and so not suspend all new effects since the first cast).

Another exemple is against Fampyr, if they want to dominate a character. The first Dominate effect can be suspended, then every Dominate Attack they perform during Supress Affliction (that can be prolonged) have no effect. 

By the way there is another strategy against them, to Dominate by self ally with the lesser Will. The character is always under control, and even if the Dominate Attack from the Fampyr do another Dominate effect, the character is still playable (at less during the Friendly Dominate timer). Amaliora is nice for that, the Dominate ability is not enemy only and not combat restricted. That is possible because only the first dominate effect is take into account.


Some weird things can happen when an effect have two components (one hostile, one beneficial) : a berserker's Frenzy have the confuse effect as hostile, other inspirations and raw DoT are Beneficial. If the berserker suspend this part (confused) and refresh the Frenzy, then all the effects are going to be listed in Hotile effects. He cant prolonge them with SoT and a new Suppress Affliction (when the other is done) suspend all the Frenzy parts. Certainly that can be used at advantage.

That can work also with Hostile effects that have a beneficial component, but with Arcane Dampener/Shattering, to turn they into Beneficial effects (and making them extendable with SoT/WoD). I dont see any example for the moment..

Edit : based on the same model that the Supress Affliction work on frenzy, with Shattering (Glacierbane) it is possible to turn as Beneficial the Confused affliction : when berserker frenzy is activated, suspending Beneficial effects on scoring a crit with Glacierbane on the barbarian suspend all frenzy parts except Confused. At this momnt, refreshing Frenzy adjust the effect for the game itself. When the Shattering effect fade, all parts of berserker's Frenzy are Beneficials, including Confused. Now that can be extended by regular way.


This topic is the sequel of the topic about the Unlimited effect for Least Unstable Coil without SoT.


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52 minutes ago, Constentin Lévine said:

Another exemple is against Fampyr, if they want to dominate a character. The first Dominate effect can be suspended, then every Dominate Attack they perform during Supress Affliction (that can be prolonged) have no effect. 

yeah, b.c. of this i find arcane suppression more powerful than arcane cleanse, because of how it can really mess with AI (both useful for exhausting enemies with limited class resources and a much better way of dealing with infinite casts that are just limited by timer). suppressing an enemy barbarian frenzy will result in them periodically re-activating frenzy to no effect, burning up their resources. same thing with spell reflection on enemies (esp ones that seem to have it as a special ability they can cast repeatedly).

similarly, it took me a while to realize that my AI script that activates frenzy or tactical barrage whenever the character doesn't have the right inspiration really needs a cooldown timer, since if they got hit by an arcane suppression the AI script would repeatedly, in short order, use up a bunch of resources repeatedly refreshing a suppressed effect. 

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  • Constentin Lévine changed the title to Refreshing spells and Suppress Affliction & Confused as Beneficial effect!

It's worth noting for Forbidden Fist in particular, Suppress Affliction makes it so that you effectively have 0 stacks of the curse during the affliction, i.e. you can spam Forbidden Fist for free while it is active, though with a much smaller damage bonus due to the curse stacks being suppressed. However, you will continue to accrue curse stacks, so if you push it too hard you will die instantly as soon as the suppression wears off. But obviously you can use BDD to avoid dying. Can have some fun interactions with the SSS axe which suspends hostile effects on Paladins on kill -- a Votary will not only have their Thundering Blows inspiration upgraded to Energized, but can also infinitely spam Forbidden Fist as long as they keep killing.

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Hm... that should mean that a Berserker/Paladin with Slayer's Claw could fry a friendly Troubadour's Many-Lives skeletons (together with real enemies) with his Sacred Immolation and not suffer any self damage from it? A shucks - the confusion would also be suppressed, dammit! 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yes, I think so. The downside for the FF votary is that Slayer's Claw would prevent (or delay?) the gaining of wounds and healing from the FF curse expiring. But it seems that the use of this weapon would be worth it when fighting fampyr or other foes who repeatedly hit you with afflictions.

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