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Good morning ! 

Like the title says, I'm interested in how you build your party on POTD.

Is there a special scheme your after or is it random ?

Do you go for example for 3 casters 2 melee or 1 tank, 1 support, 2dd, 1 heal ?

A d how do you choose your MC or SC for several roles ? So to say is there "a bigger plan" or is it just on the fly ? Do you combine classes to get maximum utility or do you focus on SC for some roles

Greetings !


As for me, I always try to have 1 tank, 1 support, 1 offtank and 2 dds (1 with good CC options)..

Somehow I always and up like this, and most of the time my dd slots are filled with casters. I dont know why but somehow its my personal preference. 

Most of the time I try MC 'cause I like the diversity and I stack MC always, except for Ciphers and Wizard in a way. I just like to have the feeling of flexibility, if its really flexibility I dont know.

I'm so locked to this scheme that it's hard for me to get away from it, even if I want to... I just can't play a pure Barbarian as dd. It feels false to me 😞

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5 paladins (shieldbearers), 2 of them multiclassed to chanter (troubadour), 1 to cipher (psion), 2 to fighter (1 devoted, 1 unbroken). I may mix things up wildly by changing which one is the watcher (usually the devoted) or making the unbroken a tactician instead.

Outlast is the name of the game I love.

Out With The Good: The mod for tidying up your Deadfire combat tooltip.
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9 hours ago, Dyxx said:

As for me, I always try to have 1 tank, 1 support, 1 offtank and 2 dds (1 with good CC options)..

i always try to have some sort of fun thematic selection for my mainchar  and build around that. frequently I use magic: the gathering color pie and color combos to guide it.

a little bit similar to you i end up trying to have 2 front-liners, 1 mixed role (can do melee or ranged), and 2 safe-in-the-back. I slot my protagonist in there; if it's one of the double-roles i pick an NPC to complement any gaps and help flesh out that category. generally i'm not picky about the specific *type* of role (e.g. dd vs cc, off-tank vs melee dps), so long as i have enough damage output that battles don't crawl to a halt. I allow myself one mercenary just so I can get a little bit more fun character planning done in a given run without necessarily blowing out the difficulty by over-min-maxing my entire party. (and also sometimes it's hard to fill out the roles with just obsidian npcs given a particular mainchar. in particular, there's basically no priests, so if i need support i might roll a merc priest or other support char instead of using xoti for the umpteenth time)


edit: in the past i've tried mixing up the mix a bit more, e.g. more melee, but in practice i have issues just managing 3 or more melee-ers (incl animal companions from a ranger) with the choke points i like to use in dungeons; invariably one might end up not operating at good efficiency because they can't reach somewhere. though these days i'm much better about investing in things like leap, charge, escape, etc (or using items that grant those abilities) so maybe it's worth mixing it up again...

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These days I mainly play with Tekehu (since watery double is such a great spell, as Constentin Lévine recently showed us) and three custom NPCs to complement my MC's strengths. Currently I'm playing a SC bloodmage with Tekehu as a theurge, with a contemplative, a zealot and spiritualist (troubadour/psion). I currently like having two priests in my party since some of their buffs are so great. I usually open battles with one of them casting Triumph of Crusaders and the other casting Devotions for the Faithful over the party and nearby foes. I used to always have a paladin tank in every party, and I sometimes do still include one. SC bloodmage is so strong, however, I don't need one in this party.

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A little bit like Thelee, my party is built in the same way I build a Magic Deck (blue and black or Esper, principaly), and if I have some redundantes classes (cipher, DoT druids etc) in the party, I dont have restriction for others. Except, because I never use "frontal" aproach or brute-force, for martial classes : never used in SC or martial-martial MC even for protect my party. 

Then once I create my watcher, I'm not searching to fill some hypotetic roles for a party-type, but the whole party as a role is determinate by the way my party take in fonction of the world around (if I am clear). 

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When I'm new to this type of game, I take a traditional party: tank, offtank (main), healer, rogue, casters. The majority are SC. This is a pretty safe strategy that doesn't require me to do research before I can play. I always start out with difficulty set to one above normal.

On the next playthrough, I set the difficulty to max and take a lot of classes I didn't try the first time. If I keep playing, I'll start experimenting with interesting team compositions like all casters.

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Like others, I look to fill the main roles: tank, off-tank, heals, dps, cc, etc.  Some builds can fill multiple roles.

I don't typically have just 5 characters I stick to all game, though.  I typically bring 1 or 2 companions for rp reasons determined by the zone I'm in or the quest I'm doing (going to Sayuka?  Gotta bring Serafen, Maia, and maybe Tekehu.  Going to BoW?  Time to use Ydwin and Vatnir) and then fill in the last 2 or 3 slots with companions that fulfill needed roles.  If there are multiple options I might pick the companion who is under leveled.  I usually want to play all the companions/sidekicks to see a variety of diologues and abilities in action.  Especially recently because I've been modding the classes/stats of every companion/sidekick to try new builds without having to use adventurers.

IMO there's enough XP to level everyone up to 20 and get a good feel for how they each play. 

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I find an interesting build for my MC that I've not played before.

Then I add Eder as he's my bro.

Then I pick 3 more companions/sidekicks that I haven't used in my most recent playthrough, so as to keep up variety, that somewhat fill in key roles.

And, then I just play from there.

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