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List of abilities ans spells triggering the Least Unstable Coil

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This is a list by classes with abilities and spells wich trigger potentially every inspirations when empowered with the least unstable coil. If anyone found something else, I can edit the post.

In blue, until PL7 ; in yellow, restricted to SC ; in green, Spell is beneficial effect (extendable)



Minor flame Shield (Darcozzi Paladin) (on self or other, reliatation cause inspiration to the Paladin) (ext.)


Detonate (when target Near Death ennemy , depending of how many ennemies are hit by the explosion)

Screaming Soul (for every screams ; with BPM (this spell dont work in vanilla game)


Flame Shield (on reliatation) (ext.)

Minoletta's Concussive Missiles (depending of PL and ho many ennemies  are touched)

Zandethus' Draconic Fury (when attackers are terrified by the reliatation enchantement ) (ext.)

Concelhaut's Crushing Doom (on each hit)

Minoletta's Missiles Salvo (dependent of PL, on hit)

Meteor Swarm  (on pulse)

Arkemyr's Mercurial Madness (every 6s, when the unpredictable effect is refrehed on the target)

Minoletta's Piercing Sigil (on reliatation) (ext.)

Cloak of Death (on reliatation) (ext.)


Her revenge ... (depending of PL and how many ennemies are touched)

Her Tears ... (on explosions)

Boil their Flesh (and upgrade) (when Near Death ennemy (ies) trigger an explosion)


Venombloom  (on pulse)

Cleansing Wind (on ennemies and allies touch, like other  Healing-and-Damaging spells in the list)

Garden of life  (dependent of corpses)

Avenging Storm (on hit) (ext)

Pollen Patch (as long the spell stay, each step? work also as stationnary) (ext.)

Giant Maelstrom  (on pulse)


Flame Shield (Magran Priest) (Same as wizard) (ext.)

Iconic Projection (Like other Healing-and-Damaging spells in the list)

Rain of Holy Fire  (on pulse)

Spark the souls of the Righteous ( on self or allies, no dependent of ennemies, for the caster) (ext.)

Symbols    (on pulse)

Hand of Weal and Woe ( per 1s, like other  Healing-and-Damaging spells in the list)

Magran's Might  (on pulse)

Call of Rymrgand (on pulse)

Blessing of Wael (on blind reliatation ; careful to not use the BPM when empowering, see in comments)

—Monk —

Whispers of the Wind ( Each hit)




Miscellaneous : Bouncing weapon proc another roll for martials abilities

                          AoE melee weapon proccing swift-flurry on Empowered ability (2-4 inspirations)

                         Sun and Moon hit twice, then dualwield and empowering a Full attack, 4 Inspirations, even more with swift flurry.


Tekehu get a version of Cleansing Wind and Avenging Storm in their Stormcaller subclass.


The complementarity with some resting bonus is significant : the Captain cabin (Dunnage)  give +1 empower point, like Adratic Glow (Luminous Bathhouse), and especially the Ocean's Song (Tikawara), "attacks interrupt with empowered attacks". Meaning on each pulse, each reliatation, on each screams... even when they not crit.


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8 minutes ago, Constentin Lévine said:

Retentless Storm proccing multiples inspirations, but never work for me (just the first one like for others spells).

at the very least do you proc multiple inspirations from having multiple targets in the first blast for relentless? i could've sworn that was at least the case.

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40 minutes ago, NotDumbEnough said:

Coincidentally I believe the same abilities refund lots of phrases and empower points on a Chanter with Sasha's Singing Scimitar. Must be the same mechanic at work.

Yes I think so, thoses spells are "creating " a new version of the spell when some conditions are met.

Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment is a "slowish" similar spell that you can see what happen : when the first effect is over (condition), create a small version of the spell (least unstable coil trigger). A chanter version is going to give another empowered point with the smitar.

I didnt considered the spell in the list, because the spell create only 2 other "spells", and after a while.

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