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7 minutes ago, freddfranca said:

What would be your weapon of choice? I am thinking about Greatswords


Rods are life

Rods are love

Amira's Wing provide bonus deflection, healing received (great for fighter/solo) and Single target/multi target damages at will.


Or staff. Because Llengrath Warding Staff and Chromoprismatic. Staff Modal is great for solo (albeit less important for battlemage).

I'm not even sure there are any foes immune to crush bar Bog Ooze, and you can always swap weapon for these few cases.


Greatsword is a good choice, I would say. WotEP with Quickswitch is very nice.

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"Best" - depends (as always). 

But I like WotEP with Offensive Parry (Vigorous Defense stacks with all of the Wizard's Deflection buff except Llengrath's Safeguard which makes parrying melee attacks rel. easy). And you can deal AoE*AoE damage with Clear Out.

Citzal's Spirit Lance is also a strong contender bc. of Clear Out.

I also like the Willbreaker bc. you can lower enemies' Fortitude so much for certain spells - especially with Clear Out.

Oathbreaker's End and Amra are also very good. The first one with Mob Stance (chances for a chain of kills via enchantments) and the second one has a Carnage effect. If you use Clear Out you will push the enemies into their own Carnage AoE which will result in a lot more damage - combine with Riven Gore and Mob Stance.

Great Swords like Voidward: also cool.

Engoliero do Espirs is an awesome weapon for any damage-oriented caster. Blade Fest procs of off every kill (be it caused by weapon or spell) which can cascade into multikills. And an Estoc is also cool because as a Devoted/Wizard you can gain very good PEN/AR ratio due to high starting PEN, Devoted passive, modal and Expose Vulnerabilites (maybe combine with Blackened Plate to reduce AR even further). Against pierce-immune enemies just resort to spells or summon Draining Touch and call a Phantom. 

In general every weapon that gives you some kind of timed buff is great for a Battlemage bc. of Wall of Draining.

That's why nothing might beat Scordeo's Edge with Blade Cascade and Wall of Draining. It's boring but that's how it is. ;) It even benefits the casting recovery and accuracy (Adaptive).


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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29 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

In general every weapon that gives you some kind of timed buff is great for a Battlemage bc. of Wall of Draining.

On this particular point, I would mention that the best defensive weapon to use with WoD is Duskfall with Drawing Parry. Paired with Lethandria's Devotion and Casita Samelia or Furrante's Breastplate + of course Giftbearer's Cloth, Bracers of Deflection, Rings of protection etc. they will give you amazing defenses. But that is not really suitable for a Battlemage who wants to deal melee damage... unless you use this setup to buff at the beginning of the encounter in relative safety, pop Unbending, do a bit of CC/softening, then summon Spirit Lance to poke and blast your foes away.

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Another option is quarterstaves. The quarterstaff modal is nice for a caster, and you could use the lvl 1 summoned quarterstaff, with the ultimate goal of getting the Chromoprismatic Staff. It has great upgrades for both the wizard and fighter sides. So many great choices! But for solo, I'd probably go with tactician/bloodmage. You wouldn't have to make the choice with this build, and could select the best weapon for the situation, as you acquire them. I think you'll find, at least if you play martial/caster multiclasses in the way that  do, that as the game progresses, that you'll rely more and more on spells, and less and less on melee to inflict damage, making the nice devoted bonuses ultimately unnecessary. Brilliant from tactician, however, is always nice, and it creates a nice tactical challenge to proc it in every battle, which helps keep the game interesting.

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Thanks for the replies.

I played a Tactician/Fury a time ago, and he was fun. I don’t even know why I abandoned him 😝


Edit: I remember, I saw someone talking in another post that I wouldn’t be able to solo with him.

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