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42 minutes ago, Haplok said:

Maybe AR changes?

It's a good idea as there are only so many variables that can influence DMG taken, but I'm talking about Raw DMG DoT that inherently bypass armor. Otherwise I'm not aware of any active/passive Doru ability dynamically and directly influencing AR. If Doru PL increases through Charge Helstorm (?) could it influence AR via Scaling (and in some buggy way also affect Raw DMG, but that is a stretch!)?

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Maybe True Love's Kiss ticks do also trigger the Frenzy enchantment? You'd get +5 MIG which could explain the increased dmg per tick maybe.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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8 hours ago, Boeroer said:

Maybe True Love's Kiss ticks do also trigger the Frenzy enchantment? You'd get +5 MIG which could explain the increases dmg per tick maybe.

Could be indeed, but I've seen the DoT of Gouging Strike start at a value, then go down to another value much later, then go up to another value some time later - without using True Love's Kiss. Yet another mystery of the Deadfire I guess. Not really important, anyway this is only noticeable when you apply perma-DoT on incredibly sturdy enemies. Still I wonder what's going on under the hood...

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On 6/14/2021 at 7:56 PM, thelee said:

all i can say is that something *has* to have been changing, condition-wise - stats or PL or some such. I know there can be some oddities with trying to queue up an empowered ability when you already have an ability in the process of being used*, but otherwise i don't know what else would cause such a change.

maybe it benefits from sneak attack bonus dmg? blinded ends-dot dmg drops ? wild gues, I never tried to do reaserch why rouge dots dmg fluctuate

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On 6/18/2021 at 8:48 AM, Breckmoney said:

Out of curiosity what mod do you use to get PotD spawns with Veteran stats? I see a couple mods like that on Nexus. 

DeadlyDeadfire has a component file with difficulty adjustments so it's simply copying the Veteran bonuses into the PoTD area. You can tailor these however you'd like. I like setting enemy health and PEN bonuses to PoTD and everything else to Veteran.

This mod does the same but you'd want to use the above method if running DeadlyDeadfire.


I've found this combo to be the most enjoyable way to play Deadfire. You have to contend with increased spawns (including "bosses" like the adra ooze by Oderisi) and enemies that completely scale with you (Risen Wizards in Poko Kohara use Wilting Wind at level 13). Reducing the PoTD bonuses opens more build and party comps (since you're not laser focused on PEN mechanics) while maintaining a good challenge that's more dynamic than vanilla.

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