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Cipher beams have a fixed duration, INT doesn't change it. I know for sure because I once played around with potential 1-INT-builds (using Ring of Mule's Wit). ;) 

I didn't check and don't remember my ingame experience because I don't use beams much but I believe all beams work like this - but maybe the non-cipher ones are different.

There are some other things that don't work with INT like one would assume -  like the weird AoEs of Missile Salvo or Storm of Holy Fire. 
Also those "straight line" AoEs like Iconic Projection or Mind Lance etc. are unaffected by INT as well. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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As far as I've experienced, all beam spells have a fixed duration not affected by INT, PL etc. But they don't all have the same duration. Antipathetic Field is 6sec, Ray of Fire/Ninagauth's Death Ray is 10sec but Ninagauth's Bitter's Mooring is 12sec for example.

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