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Infuse with Vital Essence and the potion of Infuse with Vital Essence are your friends. The health-healing gets influenced by MIG and other effects that boost healing, too.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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There's no "best". It depends what you want to do. If you release his soul your stronghold will get +2 prestige which increases the taxes and quality of positive events (unique item merchant, prestigious visitors and so on). If you bind his soul to the stronghold you get +2 security which reduces tax robbery and the frequency of bad events (attacks on stronghold and so on).
If you siphon knowledge you can get a unique sabre names "Flames of Fair Rhîan" which is an exceptional weapon with a burning lash and 3 Fireball casts per rest.

For example if you ar a character who likes to use spellsbindings - maybe a Rogue with Deathblows - you might want to use the sabre. If you want lesser attacks on the strnghold because you are annoyed by those then bind his soul. If you want good stronghold events earlier release his soul. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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If you want some of the potential unique items from the stronghold adventures then better build quickly. But otherwise you can take your time. I personally try to up the security first because those stronghold attacks are quite annoying.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Some more Questions:


1. killing both, Raedric and Kolsc?

...after I came to the conclusion , that both are not worthy to rule:

  • will I miss something in the game or run in any bigger problems that way?
  • will you find anyone else in the later game, who can rule Gilded Vale?


2. What should be the next quests to get more experience?

after finishing...

  • Valewood
  • Gilded Vale (without Temple)
  • Esternwood
  • Magran's Fork
  • Anslög's Compass
  • Black Meadow
  • Temple Gilded Vale
  • Caed Nua
  • Raedrics Hold

...my MC is L4, rest of the party is L3, what would you recommend as next steps?

  • side quests: Dyrford
  • main quest: never far from the queen
  • Endless Path: desperate measures
  • other?

Bounties are a little bit to strong right now, final battle from "desperate measures" is hard, but might be doable with some luck...


3. Reputation (MC):

  1. does the reputation of the MC has just an effect, if the MC is Priest or Paladin?
  2. does a Palaladin/Priest (Merc/Companion) get affected by the reputation of the MC?
  3. how much should you care about the "right" and the "wrong" reputation if the MC is Priest or Paladin?
  4. does all reputations that are not favored or disfavored have any effect?


4. Party Reputation:

  1. what effect has the party reputation?
  2. what is the difference if I'm "hero" in Gilded Vale or not?
  3. are there any places where the reputation really makes a difference?


5. Adventures:

  1. I read somewhere, that a Compagnion will get between 15% and 50% additional XP - will that Compagnion gain more XP that way, as a Compagnion in the party?
  2. could I also use Mercs for Adventures or only Compagnions?


6. Pets:

  • what are pets good for?
  • will there be any pets that have boni or effects?


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