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Even one of those book pages - slipped between the sides of the current prologue where Eotahs emerges - that would say something along the lines of "you tried to convince people that the gods were made by kith - but everybody just went 'lol, lmao'" would have sufficed I think. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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1 hour ago, thelee said:

deadfire's narrative would be so much more cohesive with poe if they even just had one like minor quest in the early crit path where you DID try to say something about the fakeness of the gods (even just to a companion) and what you're talking about happened.

Absolutely. A little of this goes a long way. For example, you can have a very small discussion about Durance with Eld Engrim (I think) at Vilario's Rest, right at the beginning of the game. There's nothing more to it and it doesn't lead anywhere, but boy it's good. There's an instant continuity there. But with this god thing, it never exists.

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I  was with the impression that souls   coming back  constantly eventually  they become too broken to be useful. Here we are speaking about souls that got fragmented (as the Hiravias) multiples time after thousands of lives. And therefore, the best option is to eliminate said soul.  Of course, I have not been reviewing this world lore for some time, so I'm rusty,

Another way to see the purpose of this god is the fact he can bring the end to everything on Eoras. Not even Woedica or Eothas with the new body may be able to avoid it.  Therefore, it may be the final triumph of the mortals: Even the inevitable end, entrophy, is now under their control.

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A bit late to the topic, but 2020 was weird for all of us. I feel that Rymrgand simply steps in to assume control of natural processes and entropy, to ensure that they don't happen outside the gods' control (and we all know, if there's anything Engwith loved, it's control). Souls will fracture either way, and leaving that to chance, rather than appointing one of your buddies to watch over the process is asking for trouble.

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My, that's a whole lot of wikis!

Why, thank you, I love them.

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