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Random Encounters

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One thing that I missed in the Outer Worlds is random encounters. It's presented in their first Fallout game, and throughout the series.

In the 3D Era of the Fallout series, random encounters were a motive for me not to fast travel. The loot, the stories & characters, the easter eggs that happened in those encounters, made traversing from point A to B more interesting.
Unfortunately Outer Worlds don't make use of it. You can return to travel on the roads of Monarch many times, and you will know where the marauders' checkpoints are. No surprises.

They could have implemented a random encounter system like Fallout 1&2, while traveling between points of interest in the star chart of Halcyon.
The Board intercepting us, or Marauders in space! A derelict station that's not necessary tied to a quest. Signs of unknown alien life forms. A ship in distress, expansion on the lore of companies and factions (OSI for exemple), or simply just easter eggs.

I love this company and the stories they tell us since the Black Isle era, from original content to licensed games. I really hope they improve upon it on a sequel.

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2 hours ago, uuuhhii said:

npc run around the wild in bethesda game often die because map full of respawn enemy

outer worlds basically avoided the situation

which was a minor miracle

Random encounters and NPC roaming free are different things. Outer Worlds has a zone-based static world more akin to the first Fallout games, and those games had random encounters, but no NPC running around freely, nor running into a radscorpion by accident. Here are some exemples of random encounters in Fallout and Fallout 2.

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