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This game needs some truly unique armor set

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I'm talking about some truly distinct looking armor like the BoS power armor from the Fallout games or the Daedric armor from TES games.

I know there are plenty of high level armors in TOW but they're not exactly uncommon to find.

In the early Fallout games and Morrowind for example, there were only a few of these armors available in game. They weren't usually available untill late in the game and were often tied to a specific quest.

You saw these armors being worn early or mid game, and you really wanted them. When you finally got your hands on it you felt really good.

When you got your full set of Daedric armor in Morrowind you knew that you were basically the only one in the game who had one. Same in FO1/FO2/FNV where you had to join the BoS just to be able to wear it.

TOW really needs a high level, distinct looking armor set like this ūüėÄ

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On a supernova playthrough at lv2 I got caught stealing something on the landing bay goodies room and had to kill the auto attacking guard, who proceeded to drop a set of heavy armor. Serendipitously there was a top end heavy helmet in a chest in the same room. On other playthroughs I've found gear like that just in trunks packratting around the starter area. Yeah yeah "ultra" and "gold" but once you find a vending machine in Byzantium thats a moot point too.  

My point being you can find some of the best gear in the game effectively immediately. This is a massive problem in game.
It could be they intend weapons and armor progression to be less central to the game (with things like no 3rd person) less like FO:NV and more like Doom, but there are hints they just didn't make the amount of weapons and armor they intended (like visual changes to only some guns upon upgrade.) 

Little polish things like the monarch marauders and the terra II marauders having the same armor just feels a bit sloppy, same way Antie Cleo troops aren't supposed to use spacers choice products... but can be found dead or walking around with spacers choice brand weapons due to loot table. There needs to be significantly more item variability and the lack of official mod tools doesn't spell well for longterm replayabilty or letting the community solve that problem on their own. 

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I completely concur.  I beat it over a weekend, and kept wondering when it was that I was going to find some unique armor or get to make it. 

Honestly, I felt disappointed in the armor/weapon customization of this game.  Nothing felt truly unique or awesome.  I wish there was some way to "order directly from the manufacturer" or to contract someone to build you an amazing weapon or armor for a very high premium.  Or, way more schematics.  Everything felt very "samey".

"1 is 1"

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