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  1. Agree to disagree, but to me there is no push besides "because game" for your actions. It feels rushed regarding pacing, makes you the lynchpin to everything very inorganically, and doesn't give you any personal stakes narratively or via your sandbox background. You are a blank slate but the game attributes motive to your actions regardless. Companions sadly are the worst example of this. You know these people for hours yet their small fetchquests cause major life changes for them. Comparing it to the standard obsidian set for themselves through marketing, they entirely miss the mark compared
  2. The answer is supernova isn't balanced properly. The AI can't handle it. Companions die despite gear or settings regardless of if you tell them to stop charging into melee. Part of this is that they only have 2 weapons slots. If you give a companion a light machinegun and it doesn't do any real damage to an enemy they'll rush into melee or sit there useless for an entire fight. At least you don't have to give them ammo for their weapons. Hardcoremode/survival/supernova is a good concept but it shouldn't reduce everything to bullet sponges or sinks. Humanoid enemies in the same armor you'
  3. Tinkered weapons are the same damage/defense stats as their MK2/gold/ultra versions at the same level. Rather than have weapons of different levels spawn in world they are bracketed to 2 levels of "advancement" despite being the same with potentially more modification slots. It just comes off as artificial progression because they didn't want to make more weapon and armor models. Each company could easily have entire gear sets dedicated to their design philosophies (****ty gear for spacers choice for instance- good starter gear) and be used to pace the game flow but instead you get 3 sets of a
  4. You have no reason to trust who is your savior and also no dialogue options besides the ability to betray him and some fluff about the Hope no one knows about. Neither law enforcement or the regional leader knows **** all or even has dialogue options about what you would be caring about. Arguably the Hope. But muh power coduit. You have no direct antagonist. Also but none of that matters because you don't have any reason to specifically follow any of these plot points. Hell, you should have a more direct "I'm going to kill the pricks who left me out there" yesman plotline if y
  5. There are a lot of foundational problems with the storyline and in general everything feels rushed or forced or too on the nose. From the outset: You have no motivation. And they never fix that. You start as a blank slate character, but there is still a linear narrative to the game you're being forced down. That is a bad combination. Your character might have an implicit sense of duty or people he wants to save or something on the Hope, but the player doesn't. Like your character you have no frame of reference for this world or motivation to do what the doctor says or go down either b
  6. On a supernova playthrough at lv2 I got caught stealing something on the landing bay goodies room and had to kill the auto attacking guard, who proceeded to drop a set of heavy armor. Serendipitously there was a top end heavy helmet in a chest in the same room. On other playthroughs I've found gear like that just in trunks packratting around the starter area. Yeah yeah "ultra" and "gold" but once you find a vending machine in Byzantium thats a moot point too. My point being you can find some of the best gear in the game effectively immediately. This is a massive problem in game. It coul
  7. They need to unlock custom difficulty settings. I like the stat effecting sleep-food-water system from supernova but the enemies are ridiculously spongy. It's not immersive when marauders need to take 10 bullets or shrug off stealth headshots and drags down the flow of combat when you're just magdumping into stunlocked or cowered enemies who refuse to die. Ideally you should be able to set damage/health scaling. Can't go wrong with 1:1 either. On normal you take down most enemies in 2-3 shots and something like a mantis queen is a fight. On supernova a marauder with a sword takes a mag of
  8. If they re-balanced survival/supernova and added the ability to recruit say sublight mercs on monarch to eat some of that "your companion AI refuses to do anything but LEEEEEROY at mantis queens" it'd be a cool little add-on. In game fashion maybe depending on stats if they die you don't have to pay them, or if you had low speech skills you get bent over by a contractual payment for their deaths. Same for when you get in good with a faction. Would make some of the endgame actually make more sense if you were getting military assistance from spacers choice/deserters/monarch/iconoclasts/the pmc
  9. Bottom line, there isn't enough gear to find or buy in this game. On my first play through I went spoiler and wiki free to experience the game and the primary thing that stuck out to me was the lack of weapon variety. I cringed a bit inside when I saw "mk2" and "gold" or "ultra" tacked on the end of the same gun I already had with it's only improvement being an increased item level. I held out until the end hoping there would be endgame gear but... As it sits 2 assault rifles, 2 pistols, 2 revolvers, 2 plasma rifles, 1 bolt action rifle, 1 semi auto rifle, 1 light machinegun, 1 heavy mac
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