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What is a primordial ?

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Kiths are humanoids.

Wilders are sentient animal with a vaguely kith-like anatomy but too far away from kiths to be considered as such.

Beats are... well... animals.

Vessels are souls within a body that isn't linked to that soul (or not anymore).

Spirits are disembodied soul (or group of souls).

But what exactly are primordials ? It seems to be the only creature type that has no clear definition. 


At some points, they seemed to be plants, fungus, blobs (basically all non-animal complexe lifeform) and related creatures (delemgans...). Then imps were introduced and qualified as primordials with the rest of the group. In PoE1 (not sure about deadfire), kraken was a primordial too.

I wonder if the scenarists have a clear definition. Maybe not. Maybe this explains these weird qualifications as primordials...

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Primordial means that it's pretty old stuff. Not a recent development in evolution - but has been around for a long time. Not necessarily the individuum but the species I mean. Ancient/archaic/primeval and so on. Check out the term "primordial soup" and then look at an Ooze. ;)

Don't ask me why Dragons are beasts then... hehe.

I guess the designers just wanted to have a (kind of) equal number of creatures in every group so the distribution seems to be a bit random sometimes.


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2 minutes ago, uuuhhii said:

so molluscoid are also simple enough to be primordial?

But not spiders ?

Kraken is akin to cephalopods which are among the smartest animals.

So I suppose it is more about being 'ancient' than being 'simple'.

It is a bit disturbing because apart kraken and imps, primordials as a group could have made more sense. Not that annoying, but other categories had strong logic (especially the reason why undead and constructs are grouped within vessels), so I would have expected something as consistent for primordials.

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