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I'm coming into Deadfire hot after beating the first game (finally) and I really like it. That said, I just got into my first Navel Battle and I can't do this over and over throughout the game. Is there a mod or any way in-game to get these scenarios to end quickly or skip them altogether? I'm wanting to know before I purchase any of the DLC.


Having fun, not wanting to have it spoiled it over something this silly.

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do you mean the naval minigame or the boarding fights


if you don't know what the boarding fights are, close distance to the enemy ship and board it

Ah thanks, yeah I meant the minigame, the first one really annoyed me lol


"navel battles"  :lol:  :skull:  :p  


On a serious note, you can outfit your ship to obliterate the enemy very quickly or just rush them and board and skip the fight every time. 

Haha whoops. *Naval



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there is an obvious tactical solution



HA! Good Fun!

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